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Game Reviewed Toad Strikes Back, by Thunder Dragon
Review Author MidnaKoopa
Created Feb 28 2011, 3:11 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It's a great game altogether; very creative concept. It feels like a mix between SMW and SMB2.
Pros Wide variety of creative elements in each level, very creative and fun bosses.
Cons The final phase of the Pipe boss was a little frantic, and the warzone level as well. (Though I suppose the latter is more justifiable, being that it's a world 7 level)
10 / 10
The gameplay was great; as I said, very nice, wide variety. I never felt like I was seeing the same thing twice in two different levels. And I absolutely LOVED the bosses. Especially the Bullet Bill tank.
8 / 10
The graphics were pretty good; Again, especially on the bosses, which were just a spectacle. One drawback is that there were a variety of enemy sprites with different game styles. A more consistent theme would've been better, but the one used doesn't really hurt the gameplay.
10 / 10
Very nice remixes of a lot of different Mario themes, all of them fitting quite well with the environment.
8 / 10
Going back through the levels for Mushroom Medals would've been a chore, but, as stated earlier, the levels are creative, fun, and definitely worth playing a few times to find medals and secret areas. The bosses have definite replay value for me.
Final Words
9 / 10
Toad Strikes Back is a fun game, plain and simple. Amazingly creative in every aspect. Not perfect, and definitely challenging, but it's MORE than worth playing. MUCH more.

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