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[DL] SMRPG Amazy Dayzee from Paper Mario By: Yakibomb
What a pretty flower...

It's the rare Amazy Dayzee from Paper Mario!

This was made for the NGplus hack "Super Mario RPG: Armageddon v9", made by Darkkefka and Doomsday31415.

Please give Yakibomb credit. ...
Downloads: 764
Added: 02/23/19
[DL] SMRPG The Master from Paper Mario By: Yakibomb
“Kuwaaaaa! Behold my fury, Mario!!”

The Master, from Paper Mario, in Super Mario RPG Style.

This was made for the NGplus hack "Super Mario RPG: Armageddon v9", made by Darkkefka and Doomsday31415.

Please give ...
Downloads: 827
Added: 02/17/19
[DL] SMRPG Custom Phanto By: Yakibomb
Here's a joke: Why did the Phanto go to the ball game?

Because they're a phan, too!

I was never good at telling jokes.


Custom Phanto from Super Mario Bros. 2 in SMRPG Style. Please give credit. ...
Downloads: 983
Added: 06/10/18
[DL] SMRPG Custom Panser By: Yakibomb
You know those plants that spit fire in Super Mario Bros. 2? Yeah, I hate those things. Now you can beat them up in Super Mario RPG.

Custom Panser from SMB2. Please give credit.
Downloads: 931
Added: 06/01/18
[DL] SMRPG Styled Raphael the Raven By: Yakibomb
Look, it's a bird! No wait it's a plane! No wait... no it's a bird.

Raphael the Raven in Super Mario RPG style. Please give credit.

Fun fact: I used the Super Smash Bros Melee model to make this sprite!
Downloads: 2031
Added: 03/12/18
[DL] Super Mario RPG Toad Full Character By: Yakibomb
TOAD: "I'm the Best!"

And he's right, too! The righteous Toad makes his way as a full character for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars!

You do not have to give credit.
Downloads: 2361
Added: 02/14/18
[DL] SMRPG Toadstool (From Super Mario Adventures Comic) By: Yakibomb
Peach Toadstool in overalls, from the Super Mario Adventure comic series.

Fun fact: Her final spell, Psych Bomb, is actually a reference to Super Mario Adventures, the comic where the idea for this sheet came from!

Sprites were ...
Downloads: 2755
Added: 03/22/16
[DL] SMRPG Custom Flurry By: Yakibomb
This is a custom Flurry requested by Yuudachi and VinnyVideo.

Please give credit if used.

If you have a request for a SMRPG sprite, PM me here or on the forums and I'll see if I can fill the request.
Downloads: 2182
Added: 12/22/15
[DL] Super Mario RPG Kamek By: Yakibomb
This sheet is of Kamek or a Magikoopa as a full character in Super Mario RPG.

This sheet isn't complete yet, there are some missing frames, however the basic battle frames and basic expressions are there.

Please enjoy. Give ...
Downloads: 2582
Added: 09/17/15
[DL] SMRPG Custom Giant Goomba By: Yakibomb
Isn't he cute? Well of course not he's a goomba. Don't let his puppy eyes fool you!

Enjoy. No credit needed.
Downloads: 2678
Added: 09/18/13
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