Top 10 Games of 2004
Super Mario Epic 2 By: Jeff Silvers [W]
The sequel to Super Mario Epic, Super Mario Epic 2 has over 15 levels and features that are unique to any fangame, like Flippers, Hammer Brothers suit, and more!
Downloads: 8394 Comments: 27 [NEW] Score: 8.9 / 10
Added: 09/12/04
Castle Crumbles Minigame By: Biddy
Tubba Blubba's castle is falling apart! Avoid falling bricks and clubs by moving Mario. Press F1 ingame for game information, controls and credits.
Downloads: 1560 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: 8.7 / 10
Added: 06/04/04
Goomba Bounce By: Yoshiguy
Help Toad save Goombas in this minigame.
Downloads: 1379 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: 8.3 / 10
Added: 11/14/04 Updated: 11/14/04
Mario Dash By: Eikon2004 [W]
The New Version Of Mario Dash You Have To Avoid Obstacles This Game Has 3 Styles
1.Super Mario
3.Ice Climber
Downloads: 4137 Comments: 12 [NEW] Score: 7.4 / 10
Added: 11/01/04 Updated: 10/24/05
Super Mario: Mushroom Chaos By: ShyGuy182 [W]
Go through 5 tough worlds to reach Bowser's Castle and save Princess Peach in this Mario platformer which features a smooth static engine!
Downloads: 3686 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 7.1 / 10
Added: 03/14/04
Kuribo Catch By: Retriever II [E] [W]
Description: A goomba catching minigame with extensive gameplay options and online high scores.
Downloads: 1299 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: 7.2 / 10
Added: 04/20/04 Updated: 11/06/05
Parabeetle Hop By: Pedigree [E]
Scramble for the coins falling from the sky as you hop from parabeetle to parabeetle.
Downloads: 1144 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 12/28/04
Mario: The Last Castle By: JS Lemming [E] [W]
This is my first ever platformer, but don't be fooled. I think it's a pretty cool game considering it was mainly just a learning experience. You can walk, run, jump, crush, and even shoot. I think you will enjoy the game play. Yes it is fairly ...
Downloads: 3229 Comments: 14 [NEW] Score: 6.8 / 10
Added: 09/23/04
Yoshi Bridge By: Yoshiguy
Yoshi Bridge is basicly a revival of Manhole, the classic Game and Watch game. You use Shift,Control,Up,and Down to have a brick appear in one of the four empty holes (except in the desert level when there is only 3) and try to help the Yoshies across. ...
Downloads: 1469 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 07/02/04
Mario Mini-Land By: BungaloX
A Collection of 3 mini-games that will satisfy any Mario fan.
Downloads: 1453 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 6.3 / 10
Added: 09/14/04