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May 10 2022, 8:00 PM

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Hello gamers, I guess we are back with yet another batch of new submissions.

- New games ✓
- New hacks (what???) ✓
- New sprites ✓
- New REVIEWS???? (no way) ✓


Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario: Magnum Opus
[Action] By grizzledwarveteran23
Mario ain't screwing around. He's got a gun this time. Each bullet is gonna send him flying ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2
[Super Mario World] By KaidenThelens
The sequel to Super Mario Adventure 1 from SMWcentral that I made in about 5 months for a good friend ...
Thumbnail Mario - The Mysterious Gem
[Super Mario World] By .M.S
History: "A few years ago a mysterious gem fell in Mushroom Kingdom, unfortunately it was Bowser ...
Thumbnail Mario and The Quest for Ramen(USA VERSION)(v1.1)
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By LuigiMagicHacks
USA version of one of my first hacks I have ever made, it has 16 levels and is a little difficult.
Thumbnail Mario´s Keep 1,3
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By NesDraug
Mario goes puzzle platformer! A hack which requires tricky jumps but not totally glitch abusing skills ...
Thumbnail Super Pietro Brothers. 3
[Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)] By Medsompers
This Hack is made with Super Mario Bros. 3, fixed bugs and had revamped some sprites, and added some ...
Thumbnail SMB3 - Toad Playable
[Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)] By JosueCr4ft
Play with Toad in Super Mario Bros. 3 original for the NES!!

This is my first post of a Hack ...
SMW-Brambles By LumSht
SMB3 Inventory and Map Items By ComputerBoi13
SMW styled NSMB ghost house tileset. By LumSht
SMW styled NSMB underwater tileset By LumSht
SMB3 Graveyard / Outside Ghost House Theme By SMBFan116
Custom Ghost House Tileset 3 By PROX
GBA-ish 8-directional F.L.U.D.D. Mario By emilianomario
SMB3 Particles and Effects By ComputerBoi13
SMAS SMB2 Bullet Bill Cannons By Twisted4932
Original Early Princess Peach in SMB1 Sprites By SuperDaltonMaker
Cavern / Underwater BGs - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Sky Cluster BGs - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Snow BGs - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Dead Woods - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Spear Rocks - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Lava Falls - New Super Mario Bros. (16-Bit) By MikeyStar
Custom SMB3 Brick House Theme By BroskiX
Custom Fuzzies By PROX
Custom Piranha Plants By PROX
SMB3 Custom Tiles Part 6 By Shikaternia
Super Mario Bros. - Final Castle 1 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Final Castle 2 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Final Castle 3 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Final Castle (Loop-less) By SuperSledgeBro

So... yes, some of these hacks have been sitting on the queue for quite a long time. We kinda have no valid excuse for this, but from now on we will try to accept those more quickly.

Also for those who are waiting for the staff application results, well, we will be announcing that very very soon! Though I have to say that if we haven't contacted you yet, you probably are not the chosen one. Sorry Lelly!
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