Now it's Reyn time
May 17 2022, 8:56 PM

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Heya MFGG! My name is ReynLynxPSI, and I'm your new main site moderator! I'll be helping get submissions through the queue in a quick and timely manner.

With introductions out of the way, here's the latest submissions:

Recent Additions
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario All-Stars Improvement
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By supercoolfernie
One day, I was farting around until I decided to make an improvement over Super Mario All-Stars.
Thumbnail Super Mario Advance - Classic Mario and Luigi
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Resident Prime
This hack aims to edit Mario and Luigi's in-game palettes to match those of the original Super Mario ...
Thumbnail Super Luigi Bros. (35th Anniversary)
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By Mario GMD
This hack arises for the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros but commemorating it with Luigi and his ...
Thumbnail Super Luigi Bros. 3 (35th Anniversary)
[Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)] By Mario GMD
My second hackrom celebrating the 35th anniversary of SMB but with Luigi and his twin (he appears in ...
SMB1 flowering fall theme By karilizard36
8-bit SMB1 Space Tileset By SuperSledgeBro
8-bit SMB3 Space Tileset By SuperSledgeBro
SMB1 Sky Castle Theme By SMBFan116
revamped SMB1 ground theme By karilizard36
SMB1 Dry Water Theme By SMBFan116
Reimagined mario By dracoaftonyoshi
SMW Ice Castle Theme By SMBFan116
Geno By OmegaF.
SMAS SMB2 Mushrooms By Twisted4932
SMB1 revamped dessert theme By karilizard36
A simple goomba in my style By TalkinToonyBox

I look forward to seeing what you all have to make!
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May 17 2022, 9:02 PM
Congrats bro!!!!
1 like from: LoraLynxPSI
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May 18 2022, 7:33 AM
Congratulations on the job! It'll be nice to have our submissions processed more quickly! It sure looks like you guys are catching up on the hacks in particular!
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