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Magikoopa Security Force
By: Magnemania
Version 0.81: The Super Spell Super Update! Use a regenerating source of FP to fire powerful Super Spells to deal with enemies in one giant burst. Every level in the game has been rehauled to be shorter and faster-paced. World 4 is (mostly) complete, and many new Survival levels await those capable of getting high ranks...

Magikoopa Security Force is a new take on the Tower Defense genre-instead of constructing towers to stop generic enemy units, one must strategically place Minions-Bowser's minions, that is-in a level to stop a decidedly nonuniform onslaught of Shy Guys. It is as much a game of Tower Defense as it is a game of action, as the Magikoopa you control is just as capable of defeating attackers as one's minions. Casting offensive spells and summoning aid requires time, and the determined Shy Guys don't give you any time between waves to relax. After clearing a stage, one is awarded coins and a rank, based on the amount of coins remaining from the mission.

Controls can be found in the readme.

Gameplay and difficulty criticism would be most appreciated.
Completion: Demo Genre: Other

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[O] Created: Aug 27 2013, 2:58 AM
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Cap'n Coconuts A must-play for Mario and tower defense strategy fans. 9 / 10
Average Score 9 / 10

Mr. Autumn Flower Sep 8 2013, 2:47 AM
Bandit's Burrow is too easy, I can beat that with just goombas! Other than that, bravo! I hope to see more content. The game picks up in difficulty after Kamilda, but the curve throughout the whole demo is splendid! And the bosses are really fun too!

I hope to see some more use of environmental hazards, the airship level's wind is a great start.

I hope to see this finished. Best of luck getting there!
Cap'n Coconuts Jul 10 2014, 8:15 PM
action number 1
of Step Event
for object BrickMaster:

Error in code at line 74:
if (BrickMaster.minion == Thwomp && collision_rectangle(bbox_left,Control.y,bbox_right,Control.y+300,Thwomp,1,1))
at position 84: Unknown variable y

Thrown during Balancing Act when trying to summon a goomba.

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object VictoryScene:

Error in code at line 22:
if (enemyTotal[i] > 0)
at position 14: Unknown variable enemyTotal or array index out of bounds
8luestorm Jan 18 2018, 2:51 PM
The game is pretty good, as well as the idea, the graphics, the level design and gameplay. I have watched this game grow, as I downloaded previous versions, and I must say, the progress is pretty good!
However, one thing I found troubling was the difficulty. It increases too much and too early. Things like enemy spam (Airborne Assault and World 2 Boss), Hardcore minibosses (Toadine scares me to this day) and buggy, constant movement (Turbulent Travels and Airborne Assault) really slows the progress and make the levels really hard to complete. Please, if you make another version or a sequel, lower the difficulty a bit.
Other than that, nice game!
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