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Game Reviewed Magikoopa Security Force, by Magnemania
Review Author Cap'n Coconuts
Created Jul 11 2014, 12:25 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
In this game you control Kamek as you repel the Shy Guy hordes with your spells and your ability to summon a diverse assortment of minions. Your efforts span multiple levels and worlds, and you pick up more minions and face more, unique challenges along the way. Sounds fine, but how does the quality of this game actually fare?
Pros + Overall excellent game inspired by tower defense games
+ Good music
+ Excellent replay value
Cons - Has glitches, including infrequent fatal errors which are difficult to replicate
- Some graphics clashing
8 / 10
In addition to firing spells at enemies yourself, you can summon minions which help you keep your stash of coins. You start with Goombas, which are cheap to summon but are easily killed by jumping or fiery enemies, and are unable to attack airborne foes. As you progress you will unlock other minions, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

I feel like the Piranha Plant is a bit too inconsistent in its damage output. For a few seconds it is godly, while for a good while after that it is useless before becoming godly again. This is one of the most expensive enemies to summon, and I find myself summoning Koopas or other enemies instead because their protection is consistent.

The coins you collect are currently useless. The obvious way to fix this is to implement a store that lets you upgrade your minions... and perhaps yourself (an improved casting speed comes to mind).

The game seems to have a few glitches which cause Game Maker's error console to pop up, often about variable misuse. These errors are fatal as the pop-ups continue every game frame until the game is aborted. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to replicate these errors.
8 / 10
Seems you've got a bit of sprite clashing here. Since this game isn't a massive crossover or anything, the game might be a bit more aesthetically pleasing if you stick to a particular style.

Other than that, I can't really complain. Everything looks fine.
9 / 10
The game has excellent arrangements of classic themes which always suit the room in which they play. Sound effects are excellent, too. I would have no complaints about the sound except for one problem.

On my computer at least (Win8 64bit), there seems to be a glitch that causes sounds to cease playing until the game is closed. This affects more sound resources as the game continues to run.
10 / 10
The game has Survival bonus levels, which basically test your skills at defending a ! block from an endless supply of Shy Guys. So if you finish the demo and haven't quite gotten your fix, play one of the survival levels.

You are also given a rank for your level performance, with the highest rating being given for a perfect defense. I struggle to think of anything else that could be added.
Final Words
9 / 10
A must-play for Mario and tower defense strategy fans.

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