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[DL] M&L:SS Monty Tank By: Nintendosega  [W]
M&L Styled Monty Tank!
Original Monty Mole made by *Ridge*
Bullet Bill/Bob-Omb ripped by AJ Nitro.
Sorry for that typo
Downloads: 1988
Added: 01/02/10
[DL] M&L:SS Crystal King By: Nintendosega  [W]
M&L Styled Crystal King. Give credit if used!
Downloads: 3553
Added: 12/18/09
[DL] M&L:SS Huff 'N' Puff By: Nintendosega  [W]
Huff 'N' Puff M&L Styled.
Downloads: 2559
Added: 12/13/09
[DL] M&L:SS Blargg By: Nintendosega  [W]
My 100% Custom M&L Styled Blargg.
Downloads: 1054
Added: 11/28/09
[DL] M&L:BiS Tuff Puffs By: Nintendosega  [W]
It seems I have a fetish for these little clouds...XD
Original Dark Clouds made by: Mageker
Anyways, give credit if used!
Downloads: 1474
Added: 11/28/09
[DL] M&L:SS General Guy/Toy Machine By: Nintendosega  [W]
Original Shy Guy Sprite belong to AJ Nitro. Edited into General Guy by me.

100% Custom Toy Machine.

Give credit if used!
Downloads: 1642
Added: 11/28/09
[DL] M&L:SS Windbag Plant By: Nintendosega  [W]
A 100% Custom M&L Styled Windbag Plant, from Yoshi's Island. Give Credit if used!
Downloads: 1428
Added: 11/28/09
[DL] M&L:SS Styled Propeller Mario By: Nintendosega  [W]
The power-up from New Super Mario Bros Wii in the style of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Give Credit if used.
Downloads: 5574
Added: 11/22/09
[DL] M&L:SS Styled Tuff Puff By: Nintendosega  [W]
Here I give you my 100% Custom Tuff Puffs, and Ice Puffs. Give Credit if used!
Downloads: 1534
Added: 05/28/09
[DL] MLSS Bombette By: Nintendosega  [W]
The third in my series. Give credit if used.
Downloads: 3415
Added: 04/14/09
[DL] MLSS Style Kooper By: Nintendosega  [W]
The second in the PM1 series, Kooper! Give credit if used.
Downloads: 4357
Added: 04/14/09
[DL] MLSS: Astro/Helmet Goomba By: Nintendosega  [W]
I haven't made or submitted anything in such a long time, and didn't see anyone make these yet, so here they are, the Astro/Helmet Goombas!
Downloads: 1777
Added: 04/12/09
[DL] MLSS Styled Bow By: Nintendosega  [W]
A custom made M&L Bow. Enjoy, and give credit.
Downloads: 2335
Added: 11/09/08
[DL] Surfer Mario ML Styled By: Nintendosega  [W]
Mario finally hits some waves.
Downloads: 3333
Added: 01/23/08
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