The commenting/messaging system is designed for purposes of providing feedbacks to the submission/updates. Consider the main site rules as an extension of the forum rules.

Version 3.1 (last updated on: June 30, 2019)

1. Stay on-topic and civil in tone

1.1 - Do not threaten other members by any means! if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

1.2 - Ensure all critism are respectful, constructive, and civil in tone. Calling a game "sucks" with no proper explaination why you don't like won't fly around here.

1.3 - Be respectful of groups such as their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and any other related matters. We don't allow offensive terminology about someone's group. For example, negatively calling out a group that liked a certain TV show won't be tolerated here.

1.4 - Always ask permission before revealing any sensitive personal information about someone else.

1.5 - We unfortunately are not able to read mind. Please proceed with caution when using sarcasm.

1.6 - Do not deliberately derail or disrupt conversations.

2. No NSFW contents!

2.1 - Do not post any comment and URL that are deemed NSFW.

2.2 - Posting any illegal contents are not allowed. Such as steps that instruct the user to obtain an illegal content. We will remove that are deemed NSFW/illegal without further notice.

2.3 - Do not request/ask on how to obtain ROM or other official game files.

3. General maturity

3.1 - Stay on topic of the submission/discussion and avoid creating any forms of unwanted comments.

3.2 - Do not constant badger/annoy user with requests without any valid reason.

3.3 - All posts must be in proper English. Avoid leaving comments in foreign languages unless with staff's approval.

3.4 - Be patient. Please understand that the staff are people too and in some cases they might be dealing with many other life matters. Submission queue can take from few hours to several weeks.

3.5 - Keep swearing to a minimun. Minor swears are acceptable as long as you constantly use it on almost every single comment.

3.6 - When there's not a rule about certain questionable act doesn't mean you can do it. It is best to ask a staff if you are not sure.

3.7 - You were told by several other users to stop the discussion, stop.

4. Your account and general safety

4.1 - You are responsible for your own account. Keep it secure. Do not register an account to be shared by more than one person unless with staff's approval.

4.2 - If you already have an account, DO NOT make another account unless with staff's permissions. Making a duplicate account to bypass your ban/mute will extend your ban/mute period.

4.3 - If you need to change your username or any other special account changes, please contact a Main Site Admin.

4.4 - Spambot will be banned on sight immediately.

4.5 - Your user icon (avatar) must not contain any NSFW and other offensive contents (see section 1 and 2 above).

5. Other things to consider

5.1 - Besides the commenting system, the comment rules applies to all of your direct messages.

5.2 - Do not bring outside dispute to MFGG. Any dispute happened at MFGG shall not be brought outside to a different community. However, if it's a dispute over resources outside of MFGG used at MFGG, please contact a staff.

5.3 - The rules are subjected to change over time. The rules will be effective immediately upon update. Any comments/messages that were made before the update date can be excused.

If you have any questions, concerns, interpretation, or inquires about your account. Please send a private message to the staff or send an email at this page (registration required).