Goodbye autumn, hello Winter?!
Oct 10 2019, 2:55 AM

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Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood Discord Moderator (one of them anyways) and it appears that autumn has already ended. What’s that? Oh yeah, never mind. It’s just here apparently. Fortunately, it's supposed to go away soon, so that’s good.

I assume you’re here for something else though, and that something isn’t me rambling on about snow. This is all I’ve got for you.

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Play as Ring Man and venture through ...
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Kana Kong (NES DK Hack) - General Rips By 125scratch
Factory Tileset By Evan.F
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Kirby: Triple Deluxe Custom Story HUD By FieryExplosion
Kirby: Planet Robobot Custom Story HUD By FieryExplosion
Kirby Star Allies Custom Story HUD By FieryExplosion
Super Kirby Clash Custom Player HUD By FieryExplosion
SMW custom desert By Evan.F
Mario (Cellphone Port Style) By bromaster
SMM2 SMB3 - Mario, Luigi, Toad and Toadette (All-Stars Edition) By xxxJohnnieWalker2005
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Slime (Super Mario Maker style) By OmegaF.
Bean The Dynamite in Sonic 3 Style By Misteryt1MFGG
Manic in Sonic 3 Style By Misteryt1MFGG
Turbo In Sonic 3 Style By Misteryt1MFGG
Goonie By OmegaF.

Oh yeah! Halloween is coming up soon! I’m sure looking forward to that. Hopefully you are too. Why not play these games in anticipation?
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Oct 10 2019, 4:23 AM
In Texas, summer just ended but we get 90°F (30°C) temperatures once a while here.
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