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Game Reviewed Normal Super Mario Bros. 3, by gamester
Review Author RacoonLuigiAlt
Created Feb 20 2010, 4:35 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
As much as I love SMB3, this game doesn't disappoint me as he adds some more video games to the action like Bomberman, Ballon Fighter and Metal Gear. Isn't that epic?
Pros - Funny
- Original
- Great engine with no glitches
- Good soundtrack
- Epic
- Great effects and sprite editing
- Unlimited Lives
- You get to play as Luigi
Cons - Short
- Some glitches at jumping at the final boss
10 / 10
So basicly it's an epic SMB3 clone. And it's complitly normal. Add blinking backgrounds, Awesome faces as enemies, Bomberman, Metal Gear and balloon Fighter powerups to the "Normal" and you got this game.

The controls worked perfectly and I didn't found any glitches in it exept when I try to jump on the boss it sometimes act as damage but still 10/10.
10 / 10
The background is flashy and colorful and just... Awesome.

The game also has a lot of edited sprites and they're all great. The Luigi status is funny, the inventory items looks great.
10 / 10
The music and SFX are great though when you hit Luigi's voice is kind of annoying after a while but it's doesn't really does anything to the great-ripped sound effects from SMB3 And metal gear. And the internet.
10 / 10
The replay value has a lot for the game. The collective items aren't really doing anything but it's still fun to find it.

There's also a hard mode that I haven't beaten yet though and I'm still trying.
The main reason you want to replay this game is because the graphics and the awesome powerups. It has a lot to offer and I play it almost every day.
Final Words
10 / 10
This game is normal just like the other two. Don't worry about playing it!

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