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Game Reviewed Super Charisma Bros. 8, by Vitiman
Review Author Cruise Elroy
Created Jun 27 2016, 10:32 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I have truthfully never played the Charisma games before. Not being a part of MFGG when Vitiman was active in the past may be a part of it, but I have not looked into playing the Charisma series as of writing this review.

So, as an outsider that has not even touched the series before (and who has a cameo in this game!), I'll just go ahead and offer my two cents on what the (possibly) final entry of this series accomplishes.

Oh, and spoilers.
Pros + Gameplay isn't radically broken while still having enough variety
+ Cameos have been updated so some references won't be lost on people (like me!)
+ Got quite a few laughs out of me
+ It doesn't overstay its welcome...
Cons - ...But I still feel like it's rather short
- Does not offer much to come back for, which is sad
😭 A bit too emotional for it's own good
9 / 10
There isn't too much variety in here: all you really need to learn how to do is move and jump, with a few minor exceptions. While a few things could have been done to spice things up with the different Charismatic members, it was a good call to keep things the same so the controls don't mess you up when playing as a different member of the team. A game, to me, isn't always about how you do something, but it's what you do with the tools you're given. If I were just rating the game on this run and jump control scheme, I wouldn't be giving this section such a high score.

So, what do you do in this game? Basically, you have to gather a team of time heroes who have maxed out their Charisma stats. Doing this can range from grabbing them straight out of their arcade games, stopping them from being brainwashed by famous musician imposters, and even getting through surprisingly vanilla Super Mario world hacks, courtesy of StrikeForcer. Not to mention the various cutscenes that play out after finishing an objective. I found myself laughing a lot throughout the adventure, and the cutscenes most definitely got the most laughs. I will say, although this may be the last entry in the series, the ending was a bit too emotional for its own good. But that said, the rest of the adventure was excellent.
7 / 10
Contrary to what I have in my joke games, I am not the biggest fan when graphics that clash against one another are brought up to the table. However, instead of taking away from the game, Charisma 8 has these clashing eyecandies enhance the overall wacky atmosphere. Not to mention that some of these effects don't look all that bad, either. (See: time travel segments)
10 / 10
I really love the sound design in this. A lot of the themes you'll hear in this game are remixes of existing themes, although there are a few rips. Even the sad piano version of Cut Man's theme at the end got me laughing, despite the tone it was supposed to set. I don't have any complaints with the soundtrack or sounds.
6 / 10
There isn't much to do for extras for this one, but I understand that collectables aren't the main focus of the game. The point is just to give the player a good ol' laugh and, like I said before, it succeeds in that. Although, I will say that I played through the game 3 times already, and most of the jokes still got me chuckling. While I won't be playing this a lot in big chunks, I may pick this up occasionally to have a laugh or two. But like I said, I probably won't be playing this for that much longer.
Final Words
9 / 10
Aside from having yours truly appear in this little gem, the final installment in the Charisma series manages to make you laugh a lot, all while taking up less than 10 minutes of your time. It's short, but it's still pretty dang ol' enjoyable.

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