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The Nomination Donation Situation
Jan 19 2018, 12:10 AM

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2017 sure was a year, huh? While the turnout for fangames might have been on the small side, there were some gems nevertheless. The question is, which games did YOU enjoy the most? Head on over to the forums and vote in the MFGG Awards 2017!

What games really rocked your socks off? Which game made you howl with laughter? Who were the best spriters, reviewers and contributors? Who was the new guy you could actually recall the name of? Choose from a list of nominations and make your vote count!

And what better way to start off 2018 then a new game from our own Vitiman?

Recent Additions

[EDIT] The following games were meant to appear in the previous couple of updates, but didn't due to an unknown error:

The Shroom Project
Super Mario Bros Redux Deluxe
Chamber of Boos
Super Mario Bros. Dimensions 2 (2017 Demo)
All-New! Super Mario World
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littlelum Jan 19 2018, 12:34 AM
I noticed there's still some games that got skipped in the updates a few times
LangtonLion64 Jan 19 2018, 9:20 PM
I've edited what I wrote to include links to the games that didn't appear in updates for some unknown reason.
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