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Game Reviewed Essence Of Waluigi, by Ralorche
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Apr 21 2021, 9:56 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This is a fangame. A quality fangame. It feels and plays like a fangame. There is something awesome about it though. ThereƤs a certain magic to this game, it's wonderful.
Pros + Great sprites, artwork and aesthetics
+ Great music
+ Good physics
+ Responsive controls
+ Great story
+ Multiple endings
+ Death yields little penalty
Cons - Does feel "fangamey"
- Difficulty curves up and down fast
- Overly frustrating at times, somewhat justifiable though
- No save system, must complete in one go.
9 / 10
Essence of Waluigi yields some great replay value. There is no huge penalty for dying. I rather like this approach. A save system after each level would make this game a bit better, as I found myself dying constantly and I was going to go to the market but I would have lost my progress. However, I found dying make me learn the right approach so I wouldn't die in the next life. I don't know if this dying and learning was intentional, but it felt this way. This system made for a fun progression.

The story is great in this game. There seems to be a lot of cool lore and backstory and each level is designed well and feels distinct. I was very pleased playing through this game due to it's setting and twist on the Mario formula. Great gameplay.
10 / 10
There is a great aesthetic to this game. the levels in this game feel like they have a story due to the graphics. This is an art style I am very pleased by. There is a grittiness and a realism to the sprites and tiles and the backgrounds are all distinct. I particularly liked the special effects of the last platforming level, which was a scrolling concave type of approach. Beautifully done graphics. I have no complaints. Worthy of perfect graphics. (Even the giant Waluigi, despite rather clashing, had a good aesthetic to it. I will not deduct for this, that's a nitpick).
8 / 10
I love the music chosen for this game. There is some good soundtrack here. Each song gave the game a cool undertone and mood. It all fit together very nicely. There were many songs chosen that had not been featured in Mario games, to my knowledge. I appreciate when fangames have diverse soundtracks. The sound effects were alright. Nothing too spectacular. Some cool voice acting for some parts, not sure if these were made for the game. Nothing too spectacular in sound design. Great music, alright sound.
Final Words
9 / 10
Essence of Waluigi is a simple, short, and fun game. There seems to be much variety in sound, graphics and gameplay. Great game. You should check it out if you have an afternoon.

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