Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. S - Road To Infinity, by superpi2
Review Author -Meowy-
Created Jun 29 2021, 11:04 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I love the game! it provides a unique perspective to old fans and new fans alike.
like you said though, it ought to use some tweaking and such but overall it's and experience i enjoyed.
Pros the game is using its own game engine and is nostalgic to the original super mario games, it has some of its own unique elements and gameplay factors.
Cons the game is glitchy at times and can freeze on occasion.
6 / 10
the gameplay is the us' run and jump, but it adds some unique enemy aspects and such.
9 / 10
i can tell some of the graphics are completely custom and are very polished, it makes me fall in love!
10 / 10
the sound is the same as most mario's with a little bit of custom-ness somewhere along the line and the quality is perfect
Final Words
8 / 10
This is a fun run and jump Super Mario game with a twist. I had just the right amount of fun playing this little game. would play again while drinking hot chocolate :D

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