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[DL] Super Mario Bros. 1 Title Font but with the abandoned letters By: RaccoonMario371
Credits to Wario Bros. Credit not needed
Downloads: 926
Added: 02/13/22
[DL] Lanky Toad for SMM2 By: RaccoonMario371
I spent alot of time on this, so credit is needed. Do NOT steal!
Downloads: 513
Added: 01/31/22
[DL] Fixed SMB1 Luigi By: RaccoonMario371
made my own luigi because i wanted to. CREDIT NEEDED|DONT STEAL
Downloads: 1163
Added: 01/18/22
[DL] Other Dead Sprites in SMM2 (Luigi Edition) By: RaccoonMario371
Credits to:
Super_luigi on tsr for alt luigi smb1 sprites
GlacialSiren484 for og luigi smb3 sprite that i edited

Dont steal, give credit
Downloads: 1105
Added: 12/21/21
[DL] Other Dead Sprites in SMM2 By: RaccoonMario371
The super smb3 Mario sprite here was from one of them WarioWare games. also DO NOT STEAL! Give credit
Downloads: 1597
Added: 12/07/21
[DL] P-Balloon in SMM2 Sprites II By: RaccoonMario371
Again, do not steal. This took even longer that the first one.
Downloads: 1884
Added: 01/25/21
[DL] P-Balloon in SMM2 Sprites By: RaccoonMario371
Credit to Nintendo for the SMW version.
Do not steal. It took me an hour to make this
Downloads: 1757
Added: 01/20/21
[DL] Raccoon Mario (Me) in SMW By: RaccoonMario371
You guys wanted a full spritesheet of SMW me, so here it is! DO NOT STEAL! GIVE CREDIT!
Downloads: 1306
Added: 08/17/20
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