Revenge of Mortimer - Episode Two: Flames on Earth
By: Q-Nova [E] [W]

After saving Mortimer McMire, Commander Keen learned a few things, the most important one being that his rescue was a distraction so the Dragon Mothership could have more time to get prepared to set fire on Earth's seven continents (and Hawaii), powered by eight deadly Flame Rays!

Flames on Earth is a mod of Commander Keen 2 and the second episode of the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy, which holds many similarities to the original Commander Keen trilogy. Help Keen get past the Sqeeks, guard robots, and other defenses found in the ship's 16 levels, and disable those eight Flame Rays!


Because this is a mod of a commercial game, KEEN2.EXE is NOT included. After unzipping the contents, you must copy-and-paste KEEN2.EXE from your own copy of the game (must be version 1.31), and then you should be able to run ROM2.BAT. (Dragging it to DOSBox does work!)
Completion: Full Game Hack Type: Full Conversion
Base ROM: OTHER (Please Specify) Region: North America (NTSC)

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Oct 21 2019, 8:04 PM
For those who don't have Keen 2, you can get it on Steam for just a few dollars along with the rest of the series (except for Dreams and 6):

Once you have it, I think you can locate KEEN2.EXE by right clicking on "Commander Keen Complete Pack" in your games library, then go to Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files > base2. (I actually don't use Steam, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)
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