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[DL] custom mario party spaces By: funmaker
a total of five custom mario party spaces. sizes are 400 x 400
Downloads: 407
Added: 07/16/17
[DL] Custom NSMB Tileset By: funmaker
in this custom tileset you have: 4 different pipe colors; lava castle and tower tileset; different grassland type tilesets with slight colourchanges for the semi-solid platforms; an underground tileset with three variations and finnaly the the questionmark ...
Downloads: 1034
Added: 05/30/17
[DL] a custom retro styled tileset By: funmaker
this is a retro stYled tileset + some sprites. tile zize is 14x14 and the pipes are 4 Blocks togehter
Downloads: 847
Added: 12/20/16
[DL] ghost house tileset By: funmaker
A tile set for NSMB but is usable for other games. (these tiles are 16 X 16).
Downloads: 1183
Added: 08/25/15
[DL] Pipe Tileset By: funmaker
A pipe tile set made by fun maker
made for NSMB DS and is usable for other games. (these tiles are 16 X 16).
Downloads: 1340
Added: 08/25/15
[DL] NSMB DS HD Grassland By: funmaker
A mix from DS grassland and WII jungle
Downloads: 1134
Added: 08/25/15
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