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Jul 20 2018, 6:23 PM

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A lot of competitions have started up on forums! Check out the Pixel Art Comp, where luigi's the star! The Art Comp where you have to be creative with objects. And the Minigame Comp where we're adapting different Mario media into games!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros Deluxe Redux Demo 2
[Platform] By Ostrich101
Just to show you all that this project ain't dead, here's the next demo i've secretly been ...
Thumbnail [HACK] Super Mario Bros By Leytendo Bros (Graphics Hack)
[Hack] By Leytendo Bros
The original file is Super Mario Bros. (U) [!].nes so youll know what to do with it when you read the ...
Thumbnail [HACK] Yoshi Quest - The Awakening of Magic
[Hack] By MarioBros980
A complete hack made by Berkian/MarioStar100/SuperMarioStar

This hack contains 9 worlds and ...
Thumbnail [HACK] Super Luigi Arcade
[Hack] By zacmario
The Luigi Version of Super Mario Arcade. It has physics very similar to smb2jís Luigi.
ROM / ISO ...
Thumbnail [HACK] Super Luigi Bros.
[Hack] By TheHappyFaceKing
This is a hack of Super Mario Bros. that is meant to give Luigi the leading role with remixed levels ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
SMB3 - Goomba Expression (16-Bits) By Victor ManuelMR
Geo's Original Tileset By Geo
bigpotato's Pokeys except they're fruits from NSMBW By KirbyLover2048
SMW - Powerups Remake By xXEmmanXx
SMW - Extended Items Remake Part 2 By xXEmmanXx
SMW - Overworld Remake By xXEmmanXx
SMB2 edited Waluigi sprites By emilianomario
Mega Drive Style Mario Sprites By PaperWilliam
16-bit Doki Doki Panic - Blocks, Items, Birdo By diegoasherere

Oh yeah, there's also the Joke Game Contest. Break out the Game and Watch.
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MFGG is Now 17 Years Old!
Jul 10 2018, 1:42 AM

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Hey guys, in case you didn't know, MFGG turned 17 today! If you'd like to, hop on the forums and wish it a happy birthday. Or not. I mean, it's a website, so it's not gonna be offended if you don't.

In honor of 17 years of Mario fangames, we've started once again hosting the old Bowser Tech site! For those unaware, Bowser Tech is what MFGG was before it was MFGG. Check it out here if you'd like.

Recent Additions

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