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[DL] SMB - Remastered Ground/Overworld Tile By: NinStar [W]
Give credits if you are using this sprite. Enjoy!
Downloads: 3139
Added: 08/24/15
[DL] SMB - Custom Overworld Background By: NinStar [W]
Give credits if you are using this background.
Downloads: 3662
Added: 08/24/15
[DL] Super Mario Generations Styles - SMB 30th Anniversary By: NinStar [W]
9 Mario faces, each of a different game when passing all his generation. Enjoy!

Give credits.
Downloads: 6581
Added: 08/12/15
[DL] 5 Overworld Variations - Tileset By: NinStar [W]
It is not necessary to give credits.
Downloads: 3552
Added: 06/13/15
[DL] Mario Kart 8 - Custom in Race HUD By: NinStar [W]
Give credit if using.
Downloads: 2567
Added: 05/12/15
[DL] Mario & Luigi, Action Buttons (Keyboard Styled) By: NinStar [W]
Giving credits is not necessary.
Downloads: 2885
Added: 05/05/15
[DL] Super Mario Bros. - Emoticons (Mario,Luigi and Toad) By: NinStar [W]
Mario, Luigi and Toad custom emoticons. 15 different emotions for each.
(depending on which end is the use of this, give credits)
Downloads: 4863
Added: 04/17/15
[DL] SMB Edited - Basic Tileset 1 By: NinStar [W]
An edition of the original Super Mario Bros. tileset made by me.
Downloads: 3394
Added: 04/09/15
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