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[DL] Galoomba NSMB Styled By: Joaquin Dash [E]
I really like the NSMB style, so i decided to do the Galoomba from SMW World into NSMB, and yep, thats it, there is no more, soo, bye-bye ^^

And yep, it's smaller than the Goomba ^-^
Give credit if used!

Soon, Hammer mario ...
Downloads: 887
Added: 12/20/19
[DL] Super Mario Maker 2 Mario and Luigi extended sprites (Updated) By: Joaquin Dash, AwesomeZack [E]
Hi, here again, well, maybe this one is a little bit lazy, but anyway, i did something

Credits to AwesomeZack for some poses
No credit needed

I gonna submit Toadette too, but anyway, thats all for now, bye-bye ^^
Downloads: 1090
Added: 12/08/19
[DL] Super Mario Maker 2 Toad extended sprites (Updated) By: Joaquin Dash [E]
Hi guys!, im new here, and before, i am spanish, so my enlgish it's not the best hehe, but anyway, i thinked that is time to upload something, and yep, this is are not the huge think, but its something, i gonna make Mario, Luigi, and Toadette extended ...
Downloads: 1359
Added: 12/07/19
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