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[DL] Mini Mario (SMB1,SMB2,SMB3,SML,SMW,and SML2 style) By: SealLoverYT
I am back after my 4 month hiatus!This time,based on the plumber boy,and this time,he's gotten microscopic,it isn't always easy to make the sprites,as easy as it seems,but at the end,it looks good.And I also added Mini Mushrooms too!
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Added: 11/11/19
[DL] Super Mario Maker 2,Enemies + By: SealLoverYT
This is my first submission on MFGG,these are enemies that would make good use for SMM2,and who knows,they could be added someday as an update.
Sheet includes
-Amazin' Flying Hammer Bro
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Added: 07/12/19
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