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Apr 20 2021, 12:12 AM See Page
I want to play this game but I died after beating a level so I feel bad. Any possible way to save? How many levels is this game? It is very well designed.
Jan 15 2021, 4:29 AM See Page
Quote (PlumberFrantic2004 on Jan 14 2021, 4:03 PM)
This is a game made in 2010 if you didn't know.

2010 games can still be polished
Jan 14 2021, 7:40 PM See Page
Like most fangames, I wanted to quit when I died. It's an alright game. Just needs polish.
Dec 21 2020, 10:59 PM See Page
Fun game, I gave up after the first boss but I might try again later.
Dec 21 2020, 5:16 AM See Page
Couldn't beat the first boss. Nice game though. Seems a lot of effort was put in and I commend you for that. If there is a walkthrough somewhere, this game would be easier.
Dec 19 2020, 4:55 AM See Page
Hey I have some problems crossing the wall jump part cause I don't really know what I'm doing. It would be good to understand that part so I could play the full game and leave a review.
Oct 8 2020, 6:28 PM See Page
Cool game, though its a bit simplistic. The gameplay is alright but its well polished and looks beautiful.
Aug 7 2020, 7:47 PM See Page
Quote (Action Lemon on Aug 4 2020, 8:20 PM)
I remember hearing about this game from years back! Glad to see it's back! I hope you find enough time to work on it!

I was in school since January 2019. I don't have much time to work on this project. I hope to revive it as a different thing altogether when I graduate my program. I'm studying game dev.
I try to work on this when I'm on break but that only gives me a month and not much work can be done in that time.
Thanks though! I believe in this project.
Jul 29 2020, 7:21 PM See Page
There's a glitch. When you grab the P-Wing in the one star underground world, you are stuck. This may only apply to when you have the fireflower. Basically everything stops. Even the timer. I cant access the menu to quit the level either. It's a game breaking glitch.
Jul 25 2020, 1:01 AM See Page
Hey I really liked the game, Hypernova. I wanted to write a review. I only got halfway through the game. There was a game breaking glitch in the first area where you have the raccoon tail. I fell down after hitting a flying goomba and stayed underneath the screen instead of dying and respawning. I can't write a review cause I didn't complete the game. I hope I do complete it sometime soon and the game breaking glitch doesnt happpen again. You should really implement a save system.
Dec 5 2018, 12:25 AM See Page
Really well done. Can`t wait for Super Ancient Keys
Dec 4 2018, 11:51 PM See Page
Fun game LOL. it was actually really funny... and im LGBTQ. I hope you get a good review soon.
Feb 17 2018, 12:15 AM See Page
I couldn't play. The game's resolution took over most of my screen with just a corner.
Jan 19 2018, 7:10 AM See Page
The game was tough in the pipe and koopa part. I could never make my jumps. I'll probably play more later. It did make me laugh in a "this is really trippy" way
Jan 18 2018, 3:55 AM See Page
It's not a bad game. I do agree with some of the people here, though. The physics are really slippery causing unneeded difficulty. If the physics were more precise, this would be better. As I said, not a bad game.

Also, aren't engine tests not allowed to submit as games on MFGG?
Jan 11 2018, 1:02 AM See Page
Not a bad game if it's one of your first. Good job on it.
Jun 14 2015, 12:22 AM See Page
Great demo! Truly enjoyable. I kind of liked the controls, I didn't have much problem with them Could use shinier graphics but they're not terrible Keep it up! Would ove to see this made into a full fangame!
Jan 30 2014, 5:00 AM See Page
That must have been the issue. I'll try it out on another computer.
Jan 30 2014, 4:53 AM See Page
Welcome. Even though I rated it kind of poorly, it doesn't mean I disliked the game. I just want to see it improved upon, or at least take the criticism for your next game. Keep up the good work tough!
Jan 30 2014, 4:39 AM See Page
You're welcome. I like this game more than most on this site.
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