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[DL] SMM Styled SMW Goombas + SMB3 Galoombas By: Mors [W]
An old sheet I made a year ago, I've never bothered to submit it here until now. Sorry for the thumbnail btw, I'm too lazy to make a prettier one.
You don't have to give credit.
Downloads: 5762
Added: 01/15/17
[DL] SMA4: SMB3 Styled Custom Items (Updated) By: Mors [W]
Some SMA4 styled custom items I made. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Added more items, moons fixed.
Downloads: 7313
Added: 03/08/15
[DL] Super Mario 3D World Blocks (UPDATED!) By: Mors [W]
3.10.2014: Added more blocks.

Give credit if used and don't steal.
Downloads: 5091
Added: 09/12/14
[DL] SMW Reshaded Tileset + SMAS SMB1 Recolored Tileset By: Mors [W]
Reshaded SMW tiles to fit SMA4 style. Also recolored SMAS SMB1 tiles as a bonus. :3
You don't have to give credit.
Downloads: 7359
Added: 09/11/14
[DL] UEU Mega 8-bit Tileset By: Mors [W]
A mostly custom 8-bit tileset made by Mors. Give credit if used.
Downloads: 9067
Added: 02/21/14
[DL] Grassy Forest Tileset By: Mors [W]
A small and nice tileset. Give credit if you use, I saw some people using this without any credit.
Downloads: 4505
Added: 11/12/13
[DL] Undake 30: Same Game Background Rips By: Mors [W]
The first real main menu and background rips from "Undake 30: Same Game".
Downloads: 4767
Added: 08/15/13
[DL] SuperTux Item Rips By: Mors [W]
A classic! One of the first and most popular Mario clones made for Linux. Don't give me credit.
Downloads: 3992
Added: 08/13/13
[DL] SMB3 Shaded Unused YI Enemies By: Mors [W]
A Shy Guy, Snifit, Bob-Omb and a little bonus. Give credit.
Downloads: 5265
Added: 07/26/13
[DL] Mega Blocks Sheet By: Mors [W]
Some custom SMB3/SMW blocks. Give credit to Mors if you use.
Downloads: 5801
Added: 07/26/13
[DL] SMW Reshaded & Edited Map Mario By: Mors [W]
Finally! Now SMW Map Mario is SMB3 style. I also edited Mario's some poses and face a little. Give credit to Mors if you use.
Downloads: 4480
Added: 07/26/13
[DL] SML Reshaded Mario (with Skypop and Subpop) By: Mors [W]
What? Is SML Mario reshaded? No, you're lying! That's not possible! It's too small!

Give credit to Mors.
Downloads: 4448
Added: 07/25/13
[DL] Custom SMB3 & SMB1 Goomba By: Mors [W]
Another sheet by me. Give credit to Mors. Also you can use this on 8-bit games if you recolor.
Downloads: 4370
Added: 07/25/13
[DL] SMB3 Styled Items By: Mors [W]
Actually I wanted to submit only items, which are I made for my game, but the sheet seemed too small, then I added big items, ? coin and mini mushroom. Please give credit to Mors if used.
Credit to Wario Bros. for the original Fire Flower flower ...
Downloads: 7209
Added: 07/25/13
[DL] SMB1 Beetroot Mario By: Mors [W]
I tried to remake Beetroot Mario from Mario Forever in SMAS SMB1 style. Please give credit if you use.
Downloads: 6511
Added: 07/25/13
[DL] Edited Clouds By: Mors [W]
An edited cloud background made by Mors. Give credit if used.
Downloads: 4781
Added: 07/12/11
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