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[DL] SMB3 Boom Boom Extended By: Lean
mad lad got some new skills to show.. and some new sprites. :p
thanks to 125scratch for the original bosses sprite rip!
Downloads: 1199
Added: 08/10/19
[DL] Other Tilesets in SMB3 Style By: Lean
note: this is an old work i've decided to upload to MFGG. it has been discontinued.

so, this is basically, porting some of the other mario tilesets into smb3 style. we have here:
- smb1 snes & nes
- smb2 snes & nes
- smw
Downloads: 2798
Added: 03/22/19
[DL] Many Enemies in SMAS SMB Style By: Lean
i'm back! and i bring out this big spritesheet containing the next things: smas smb1, smb3, bombshell koopa (sml) and smm1/2 enemies!

credits for the rips:
dr. svh - smas smb1 sprite rips & palette used
ton - smw enemy rips
Downloads: 4284
Added: 10/16/18
[DL] Remastered SMAS Mario By: Lean
here's my edit of smas mario. features on this spritesheet:
- more colors
- smb2, smb3 and sma4 sprite ports
- more frames for some animations
- small to big mario transition
- some unique sprites

it took me days ...
Downloads: 3326
Added: 06/09/18
[DL] SMB1 NES to SNES Enemies By: Lean
i ported major part of nes enemies to smas smb1/16 bits style. podoboo wasn't included due to being almost exact to nes (lakitu is same as snes but with some small changes). it took me some time to do this. give credit if used. :)
Downloads: 2499
Added: 05/26/18
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