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[DL] New Super Mario Land Sprites By: zxspriter [E] [W]
Ughh.. Charlie Brown had better not have stolen my luck while I was in the theater. Or I'll POUND HIM! Anyways... Customizing such small sprites was a bad idea, but I won't give up now. Here it is. NSML plus modern colors. And about Luigi. I ...
Downloads: 1886
Added: 11/09/15
[DL] Mega Mario Pack! By: zxspriter [E] [W]
Modernized and reshaded sprites of the original SMB NES. Give Credit to me, Goombario, and Mr. LOL(for Luigi sprites). All colors are also from the original game except for M & L's overalls. None of the original colors matched with the sprites very ...
Downloads: 2928
Added: 08/02/15
[DL] Super Mario Logo Font By: zxspriter [E] [W]
The complete alphabet in the Super Mario logo style. The misc for this will be coming soon. I tested it to make sure it looked like the real logo. Enjoy!
Downloads: 1696
Added: 03/07/15
[DL] Build-A-Mario By: zxspriter [E] [W]
My first submission was blocked because I didn't organize it. Well, here's the organized one.
Downloads: 3920
Added: 01/28/15
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