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[DL] SMB3 [All Stars] - Custom Map Titles By: Victor ManuelMR
Hi, I've been a long time without posting here, it was more for lack of creativity, but we're back.

I'll probably make more titles later.
Downloads: 768
Added: 06/24/19
[DL] Mushroom Kingdom Fusion - Overworld Sprites 1 By: Victor ManuelMR
Some sprites rescued from the game Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.
Downloads: 922
Added: 03/05/19
[DL] SMAS - SMB2 - Upscaled Big Mario By: Victor ManuelMR
Sprites Super Mario All-Stars - Super Mario Bros. 2 in Upscaled, based on the sprites made by Murio. Enjoy and please give credit!
Downloads: 823
Added: 01/22/19
[DL] SMB1 All Stars - Peach Full Body By: Victor ManuelMR
I had this idea when I was doing the bowsette XD
these sprites are very useful for machinima.
Downloads: 1876
Added: 11/09/18
[DL] Bowsette in SMB1 -All Stars + B˘nus By: Victor ManuelMR
I'll never get tired of this meme XD

Give credits if you use it!
Bonus :
Expressions - Mouth and eyes

happy Halloween =>
Downloads: 1852
Added: 10/29/18
[DL] SMB2 : Custom Rocket By: Victor ManuelMR
Maybe I'll do a part two of these sprites, so please, ideas in the comments down here =>
Downloads: 915
Added: 10/02/18
[DL] Bowsette in SMB2 By: Victor ManuelMR
I'm sorry but I had to do this XD
Based on "Meme" Bowser [Bowser X Peach]
Give Credits for use =>
Downloads: 1467
Added: 09/27/18
[DL] SMAS - SMB1 : Custom Ending - Power Up + Custom Face [Mario] By: Victor ManuelMR
Sprites made for Machinima, if you use it, remember to credit me =)

leave your opinion on the sprite, this helps me a lot =)

My Discord :Victor ManuelMR#3634
Downloads: 2002
Added: 09/15/18
[DL] Custom Faces - Peach - SMB1 Style By: Victor ManuelMR
Peach sprites for machinimas, it is possible to give the credits (if you want to use), I would be very grateful =>
Downloads: 1552
Added: 08/18/18
[DL] SMB3 - Goomba Expression (16-Bits) By: Victor ManuelMR
Goomba Expressions for Machinima, Based on Goomba Level UP =).

-Credit to KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Neweegie, Carbongolem by Source.

-please give credit to me if you will use.
Downloads: 1264
Added: 06/30/18
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