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Quote (Emperor Scarlet on Nov 16 2021, 8:05 PM)
I don't know if this is a bug or if I was just doing something wrong, but I guess I'll report it anyways.

In the level 1 secret area, I chose to go into the armory, but I couldn't find a way to interact with any of the boxes, not even the open one. Is this a bug, or is there just not supposed to be anything in there?

Also, it's a bit annoying that there's no way to quit out of the game on the title screen.

If you shoot the boxes with a fire ball, it activates them.
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Quote (Mariogamer2123 on Nov 12 2021, 8:36 PM)
This is a pretty cool game so far, but I've had some noticable bugs early on.

- In the Mushroom Castle library, Mario is still visible even if he walks behind the bookshelves.
- After returning to the Castle from Gluttown, all doors seem to lead to the same room and I can't find the princess. (Update: I found the princess after all)
- Talking to one of the mushroom guards on your second visit to the castle leads to a softlock.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look into these and correct them in a later update.
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Thanks for your review, I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's an update coming soon with some new material, as well as some difficulty fixing and bug fixing.
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Quote (Mikey on Sep 2 2012, 2:49 AM)
ok, i got to the part where the officer was going to shoot me because he thought that peach's orders were fake. but after that all he would say was (only once) "where did i put my gun?" and then i was stuck! how do i get past that?

go to that useful-looking rock on the ground
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Quote (SuperMarioBronies on Jun 12 2012, 5:35 PM)

Go to the bottom edge of the map (the southern edge), and you'll see a chunk of dried,flammable debris in the way. *hint hint*
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I hear ya, CK, SDB, and Luigifan64.
The backwoods sequence was one thing I worried about. I guess you guys woulda completely hated me if I had left it like it was originally (more cops and no lives).
I'm sorry bout that, I want you guys to be able to play the rest of the game.
I've updated it with checkpoints now (also when you eliminate all the cops in one screen your presence meter empties). It may be a while before the mainsite updates so check it out at the forum. Or my link below.
If you just replace the original SMRPG LotFP file that should it. You will still be able to load your save.

As for the uninspired story, you're right. I left it unchanged from when I was 13. It's only after the Cops Chapter ends that I started with new material.
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@ The IT

The game creates a file (example.sav I believe) in the game's directory folder.
Well it should anyway.

@McZaky29, by working (stumbling around blindly) on it for 4 years