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[DL] Wonder Powerups (Super Mario World-Style) By: Gronami [W]
Some of the powerups from Super Mario Wonder in the style of SMW, with an extra talking flower sprite!
Downloads: 1624
Added: 12/23/23
[DL] Wonder & Royal Seed (Super Mario World-Style) By: Gronami [W]
My take on the Wonder and Royal seeds in the Mario World style! They should be ROM hack compatible, the leaves 8x8 tile on the wonder seed is its own green palette and the top of the royal seed is also on its own 24x8 area for the leaves palette
Downloads: 1570
Added: 10/27/23
[DL] SMB1 Pre-release Recreations By: Gronami [W]
Based on This footage i saw recently
Plus my take on the older peach and toad designs
Downloads: 1690
Added: 10/13/23
[DL] Shy Guy + Snifit (Super Mario World-Style) By: Gronami [W]
My interpretation on how the SMB2 enemies Shy Guy and Snifit would look in the style of SMW!
Downloads: 787
Added: 09/25/23
[DL] Goomba (Super Mario World-Style) By: Gronami [W]
My take on Goombas in the SMW style, since the original game has what are now called Galoombas. I wanted to keep them similar to SMB1 and SMB3 with the forward facing sprite, and having the animation be it flipping back and forth.

Update: ...
Downloads: 1258
Added: 09/25/23
[DL] Birdo (Super Mario World-Style) By: Gronami [W]
My take of the SMB2 Boss in the style of SMW. These sprites work directly in Mario World since they use the existing palettes in the game, and are 16x32
Downloads: 889
Added: 09/25/23
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