Mors gave me a virus for Christmas
Jan 4 2023, 10:22 PM

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Hello MFGGers, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All of us staff were busy with presents and celebrations, but that didn't stop us from hosting a Secret Santa event in the MFGG Discord last month. Unfortunately, aside from Mors and I, nobody joined it.
So Mors made me a virus. Yes, really. It was completely harmless and all it did was walk around the bottom of my computer, covering up anything it passed by. Clicking it made it fall over and delete itself. I couldn't have asked for a better gift, but since I don't know how to program viruses myself, I just gifted Mors a Steam game.

Anyways without further ado, here's the first update of 2023:

Recent Additions
Ralorche's Custom Grassland Sprites By Ralorche
Subcon Enemies + Mario Bros Enemies in SMM2 Styles By MasterDarkar280
Warioware Touched: Crygor Stage Numbers By MarioFan69
SMB2-Styled Super Paper Mario Enemies By FledCorn
Boo From Boo! Don't Get Spooked in SMB1 By Goombrown Plumber
Luigi - Luigi's Mansion Arcade By DogToon64
Mario - Luigi's Mansion Arcade By DogToon64
SMB2 Luigi (Super Mario Bros. 2 16-bit, Super Mario Maker 2-Style) By The_Eggo55
Tuxedo Mario (Super Mario Maker-Style) By The_Eggo55
Fuecoco (Super Mario Maker-Style) By The_Eggo55
Language Selection Menu (Super Mario Advance 4) By The_Eggo55
SMM2 SMW Forest Semisolid Expansion Tileset By BakonMaker
SMW styled Rainbow Road Tileset By LumSht
SMB3 Night City Tileset By Shikaternia

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