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[DL] SMB1 NES Custom Luigi By: BM44
This a 90% custom Luigi from SMB1 on the NES. Since Super Mario Maker 2's Luigi looks WAY too identical to Mario, except for green coloring, I decided to create Luigi based off of Mario's sprite. As a bonus, it also includes Small Mario and Small ...
Downloads: 1465
Added: 07/06/19
[DL] SML Luigi and Edited Mario By: BM44
It's been OVER a year since I've last submitted to MFGG. But I'm back! This sheet contains Luigi (97% by me) and more poses for Mario like the front and back, death for Super Mario, and crouch for Small Mario. Also includes palettes from ...
Downloads: 1111
Added: 06/12/19 Updated: 06/12/19
[DL] Custom You vs Boo Blocks By: BM44
This is a custom, 96% original, handmade sprite sheet of SMBDX blocks from the You vs Boo challenge. Credit to hdtv for the idea. This took me less than 3 days to make, so give credit and NEVER STEAL!
Downloads: 1726
Added: 05/26/18
[DL] Custom SMB1 Blocks and Switches (BM44's version) By: BM44
This is a variety of custom-made SMB1 NES blocks and switches. Includes custom brick block too. Credit to hdtv for the original idea. Give credit, and never steal. 95% is made by me, and 5% is by Nintendo and other users.
Downloads: 1703
Added: 05/22/18
[DL] SMB3 styled Chay-O's enemies (16 bit) By: BM44, Chay-O
The 16-bit SMAS version of Chay-O's enemies. Includes Goopa, Furba, and Catfish. Give credit to me and Chay-O if used!
Downloads: 1699
Added: 04/01/18
[DL] Hand-made Arcade Font By: BM44
This font is almost original, some characters by Nintendo, and 100% for use in fangames, sprite sheets and more! Hope you enjoy it! No credit needed for regular, but give credit for italic because I made it myself.
Downloads: 2579
Added: 12/10/17
[DL] SMB3 Sky/Airship Enemy Expansion By: BM44, AM999, AwesomeZack
The fifth volume is here! All of the airship enemies are here. I even added Tail Bob-omb and King Bill! Give credit to AM999 for original, AwesomeZack for some sprites, and me for making this and the custom giant Rocky Wrench. Give credit to all three ...
Downloads: 2702
Added: 10/13/17
[DL] SMB3 Castle/Ghost House Enemy Expansion By: BM44, ArnuroMinigon, AwesomeZack
I'm back! After almost 3 months of not submitting, BM44 has returned with a new expansion! This time focusing on the Castle and Ghost House enemies. Please give credit to me for making this, ArnuroMinigon for the original, AwesomeZack for some sprites, ...
Downloads: 2921
Added: 09/27/17
[DL] SMAS SMB1, SMB2, and SMB3 Sonic Monitors By: BM44, KirbyLover2048
SMB1, SMB2 and SMB3 Sonic monitors now in 16-bit! Give credit to KirbyLover2048 and BM44 if used.

----UPDATE JUNE 5, 2018----
Added smoke effects and broken monitors.
Downloads: 2908
Added: 06/27/17
[DL] SMB3 Underwater Enemy Expansion By: BM44, ArnuroMinigon, AwesomeZack
Volume 3 of the SMB3 enemy expansion inspired by ArnuroMinigon is finally here! \_(ツ)_/ This time, focusing on the underwater enemies. Sorry if it's too small. Please give credit to AwesomeZack for most sprites, ArnuroMinigon for original, ...
Downloads: 3769
Added: 06/26/17
[DL] SMAS SMB1 and SMAS SMB3-Styled SMR Stuff By: BM44, ArnuroMinigon
SMR stuff now in SMAS SMB1 and SMAS SMB3! Give credit to BM44 and ArnuroMinigon if used!
Downloads: 3209
Added: 06/22/17
[DL] SMB3 Underground Enemy Expansion By: BM44, ArnuroMinigon, AwesomeZack
Part 2 of the enemy expansion. Thanks to ArnuroMinigon for original, and AwesomeZack for several sprites. Give credit to all three of us!

Now available in 8-bit version!:¶m=02&c=1&id=33900
Downloads: 3502
Added: 05/23/17
[DL] SMB Custom HUD Font By: BM44
Custom-made HUD font for use in SMB fangames. No credit is very necessary. Almost all the letters, numbers, and symbols by Nintendo.


Improved the uppercase Y and ampersand. Added dollar sign.
Downloads: 2930
Added: 05/20/17
[DL] SMB3 Overworld Enemy Expansion By: BM44, ArnuroMinigon, AwesomeZack
This is an expansion of every enemy found in the overworld. Special thanks to ArnuroMinigon for the original arrangement, and AwesomeZack for several sprites. Give credit to all three of us! Oh, and credit to KoopshiKingGeoshi for the beach Koopas.
Downloads: 4208
Added: 05/19/17
[DL] Hand-made font for SMB fangames By: BM44
This is a cool 8/16-bit font to use for fangames. No credit is necessary. 94% custom by BM44.


Improved the following letters and symbols: Lowercase J, lowercase P, lowercase W, uppercase X, uppercase ...
Downloads: 2359
Added: 04/30/17
[DL] SMB3 Styled Rebooted Powerups By: BM44
Made by BM44, this is the modern version of the powerups. Also includes double cherry, too! Please give credit if used and don't steal!
Downloads: 2961
Added: 12/21/16
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