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[DL] SMW Real Luigi Overworld Sprites By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
It's been a long time since I posted something here since I've been very busy with life and other projects I'm working on.

Even though this is a re-upload, I wanted to post this back on here because it was originally for my own ...
Downloads: 259
Added: 01/18/20
[DL] Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 8-Bit Sprites By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Machow8 [E] [W]
UPDATE: Looks like Machow8 found some Captain Toad sprites in the files of the game that are left unused for unknown reasons. They were also seen in the concept artwork for the game as well.

It's amazing ...
Downloads: 766
Added: 06/21/19
[DL] Super Mario 3D World 8-Bit Sprites By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Machow8 [E] [W]
I was surprised that no one had a clean rip of the Super Mario 3D World 8-Bit sprites that are seen on the Sprixie Kingdom's map. So Machow8 has ripped the Super Mario 3D World 8-Bit Sprites out of the game and allowed me to post this. But I resized ...
Downloads: 1257
Added: 06/20/19
[DL] Super Mario Land: Luigi By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
To celebrate the Game Boy, Super Mario Land and Princess Daisy's 30th Anniversary, I released a Super Mario Land ROM Hack of the original game but featuring Luigi instead which is basically "Super Mario Land done right"! These Luigi sprites ...
Downloads: 925
Added: 04/22/19
[DL] Super Paper Mario Power Up Items Mario Maker By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Super Paper Mario on April 9th. I decided to make the power up items from the said game in various styles. Including the Pal Pill, Mega Star, Slow and Speed Flower and the Happy Flower.These can be useful for fan ...
Downloads: 3263
Added: 04/07/17
[DL] SMB Holiday Pack By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
It was a pack I decided to make it features costumes for Fire, Ice and Santa Mario/Luigi but additionally it also includes some content I decided to work on is.

A Mario Maker version of the Ice Flower in my style, Sized up Ice Blocks for the ...
Downloads: 3578
Added: 12/24/16
[DL] SMB1 All Stars Font and icons By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
I was bothered that the font was never ripped anywhere so I decided to make things easier by ripping all the letter, numbers, "!"(Thick) the "&", thin "X", the "-", (C), and the small coins. I also decided to make ...
Downloads: 3468
Added: 12/08/16
[DL] Paper Mario 8-Bit Sprites By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Neweegee [E] [W]
After seeing the Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 8-Bit Easter Egg I decided to try making the Paper Mario 64 Partners get the treatment while most are edits Bow and Watt were customs completely. I also included the SMB3 sprites that appeared in Paper ...
Downloads: 3408
Added: 11/11/16
[DL] SMB True Luigi By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
Small Luigi is a little taller but he could fit if there is a way to add more tiles if not i will change it in addition Small Luigi's graphics are based on his bitsize candy sprite from Mario Party 8 Which I also managed to rip the sprites off from ...
Downloads: 4247
Added: 11/09/16
[DL] Super Mario Maker Boo Costume By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
Another Halloween special made. This time for Boo! I always wondered what Boo would look like in Super Mario Maker and lately Nintendo hasn't been adding new costumes to Super Mario Maker not even for newer amiibos so i decided to see what it's ...
Downloads: 2597
Added: 10/30/16
[DL] SMB1 Bone Enemy Sprite Sheet By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
Happy Halloween! I made some edits of the bone enemies from the main series giving it a Super Mario Maker feel, Including a better looking Dry Bowser, Bony Beetle, Bone Goomba, Bone Piranha Plant with a Fire Variant along with new Boo Mario Bros based ...
Downloads: 3836
Added: 10/30/16
[DL] Super Mario Maker SMB3 All Stars Sprites By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Neweegie, Carbongolem [E] [W]
Updated with some fixes

-I have fixed the canon sprites with new proper diagonal sprites. In the original game they were in-game rotations
-Proper Red Canons are now added. I accidentally edited the beta version which had a thinner top.
Downloads: 9706
Added: 08/13/16
[DL] Super Mario World styled New Super Mario Bros. U Baby Yoshi's By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
Well I am sorta surprised to see that nobody made the Baby Yoshi's from New Super Mario Bros. U and have not fittingly made them SMW Styled so I did my attempt to see how they would look like in this style. The sheet also includes the Green kind ...
Downloads: 4190
Added: 07/13/16
[DL] Luigi in DK Style By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
I made these for my ROM Hacks for the 35th Anniversary of Donkey Kong and have been curious to see how Luigi would of looked like in that style so I bothered making it.
The idea was mainly based on a few mini-games of NES Remix where you had the ...
Downloads: 2348
Added: 07/12/16
[DL] Super Mario Maker Beach Koopas By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
Now You can make your fan games/hacks have Beach Koopas instead of the overused hiding in shell trick when you jump on them. I made them in SMB 1, 3, and World style! I also made SMB1 Luigi with more movesets to enjoy including SMB1 Magikoopa from Super ...
Downloads: 5942
Added: 03/23/16
[DL] SMB3 Life Icon Letters and Text V2 By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
Last time I made SMB3 live HUDS with new letters that people can use for there characters fan game or ROM Hack. Now I updated it fixing the letter "Q" and "S" and now I made small text so you can add two letters for characters with ...
Downloads: 2998
Added: 02/24/16
[DL] SMW Colorful Objects By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World inspired me, so I decided to make some various blocks, switches, doors and other items. Very useful to use for your ROM Hacks and fan games.
I had fun doing the SMW Animated Doors as my favorite thing to sprite ...
Downloads: 5572
Added: 01/18/16
[DL] SMM Edited Checkpoint and Goal Flag poles By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
I was inspired on how Nintendo would make SMB3 and SMW having Goal Poles using there checkpoint flags so i kinda made my version on how they would be made. This sheet includes the following listed.

UPDATE: SMW Luigi Flag added! ...
Downloads: 5614
Added: 01/05/16
[DL] Nintendo Badge Arcade: SMB Sprites Recreated By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
I enjoy playing the Nintendo Badge Arcade a lot and I was loving the new custom SMB Sprites so I decided to make them into sprites for anyone wanting to use these.
Enjoy! I made sure they are correctly drawn as I drew off of jpeg images which i ...
Downloads: 3836
Added: 12/12/15
[DL] SMM: SMW + SMA2 Sprites with True Palettes By: KingGeoshiKoopshi64 [E] [W]
I didn't like how the SMW sprites in Super Mario Maker have palettes that aren't from Super Mario World since they made it more modern. So I decided to reshade the sprites to match SMWs palette limit which are perfect for ROM hacks!

Downloads: 5862
Added: 12/10/15
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