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[DL] SMW Wario Bros By: Flaming Hot Toons
Credit To igotanewaccountomg for yoshi and LinkstormZ for the waterfall bg
Downloads: 649
Added: 07/15/22
[DL] The Ultimate SMW Luigi Fix By: Flaming Hot Toons
A Full-on improvement of SMW Luigi
Downloads: 467
Added: 07/07/22
[DL] igotanewaccountomg Luigi Hatless By: Flaming Hot Toons
made this for animations lol
Downloads: 526
Added: 04/05/22
[DL] Super Mario DX (Bootleg) Mario Sprites Fixed By: Flaming Hot Toons
thought the sprites looked cool
Downloads: 1182
Added: 04/03/22
[DL] SMAS+SMW Luigi Fixed By: Flaming Hot Toons
An Edit of SMAS+SMW Luigi
Downloads: 950
Added: 02/28/22
[DL] SMW Mario And Luigi Small Fireball Pose By: Flaming Hot Toons
Credit to vannyarts for the goomba in the thumbnail
Downloads: 623
Added: 01/27/22
[DL] SMAS+SMW Mario And Luigi Pose Swap By: Flaming Hot Toons
Second Post Here Lol
Downloads: 1503
Added: 11/14/21
[DL] Flaming Hot Toons's Custom Luigi By: Flaming Hot Toons
This is what Luigi should have looked like in smw.

first submission here. =)
Downloads: 1475
Added: 09/25/21
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