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[DL] SMB3 Castle Bleck By: Roo
White lines on black never looked this hot before.
Downloads: 1416
Added: 03/31/19
[DL] SMB3 map animations By: Roo
Originally ripped by Sonic_Luigi15, edited to remove the trash from it by me.
Downloads: 2998
Added: 03/22/12
[DL] Urchin By: Roo
It's the same size and uses the same colors as the SMW original.
Downloads: 2496
Added: 08/29/10
[DL] M&L: SSS Muncher By: Roo
Munchers, the black hazards of the Dinosaur Isles, are now available in the glorious M&L: SSS style you all love!

BTW I'm muted.
Downloads: 2975
Added: 10/18/09
[DL] SMW-styled doors By: Roo
A huge set of SMW styled doors which I created for the 148th Sprite Comp (and, for the record, lost :<).
Downloads: 4710
Added: 11/05/08
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