Mario's Bombs Away (Lost and Unused Power ups from SMM1) By: SuperDaltonMaker
NOTE: This Power up is Fake, the reason for it is I saw some videos of Classic Mario shooting Bombs or from Original Classic Game based from Game and Watch: Mario's Bombs Away. so that's why I made this Power up to look just like from Original, but as a fanmade.

You saw a Big Mushroom that will turn you into Giant Mario, You saw a Tall skinny Mushroom that will turn you into skinny mario, so now get ready, as we presented you a never before seen original power ups, Bombs Away Power up! Now when you turn into Bombs Away Mario, you can shoot/throw bombs on enemies! it's just like Bomb Omb when Mario gets blast, now you can blast Enemies, Stone, and even Bricks by shooting/blasting Bombs as either land it on the Ground, or hitting as exploding.
(Goals, Checkpoint, Pipes, and Doors doesn't blasted after throwing bombs)
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Original Sprites that are made completely from scratch.

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May 13 2021, 5:34 AM
Very well-made!

It would be an overpowered powerup if it was real, though...
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May 14 2021, 1:05 PM
Quote (SuperSledgeBro on May 13 2021, 5:34 AM)
Very well-made!

It would be an overpowered powerup if it was real, though...


Well kind of a bit, even I thought seeing some videos where mario throw bombs at super modern mario bros. or even original game and watch classic, so I wine up creating an fan made power up... Yeah.
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