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Game Reviewed Super Mario PC Challenge 7, by Ralph89
Review Author FoxGuy
Created Nov 14 2008, 3:10 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game is fun and can be frustrating. Once you get used to the controls you'll be good.
Pros -Story (with dialog)
-Fullscreen isn't blurry.
Cons -"Bad" collision
-The game is hard to grasp at first
7 / 10
The first time I played the game and realized it was a platform I thought "what the heck?" You moved mostly in squares and the collision was off but I then realized this was made with RPG Maker. The platform wasn't really good but the dialog of the story pretty much kept me playing and plus, it takes skill to design a platform (like that) with RPG Maker. The level design was okay, maybe on the better side (comparably).
8 / 10
The graphics is a mixture from games doesn't look bad but isn't "legendary". The fullscreen is very crisp (640x480) and there is tinting of screen making things lighter, darker, redder and etc.There was rain and it gives the levels more personality.You hardly see these things and certain levels aren't lacking much detail although, there is support for only one background.
7 / 10
I'd say the midi selection is good. Mostly a mix between Mario and Donkey Kong (country series). There isn't much sound effects but I say the music could make up for it since it doesn't over use the same smb songs.
7 / 10
The replay value is good but there isn't really anything interesting you can do except the ability to play through ALL stages and play ALL three minigames.
Final Words
7 / 10
The game isn't bad once you get past its "poor" collision and strange platform. The story is light but good.

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