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Game Reviewed Super Mario Adventure: Quest for the Starman, by rileymedora94
Review Author Zero Kirby
Created Sep 7 2009, 10:18 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Really, I don't know where people get the bright idea to use Hello's SMB1 Engine from.

Word that it is really bad has spread a lot. So why do people keep on using it?

My guess is the built-in level. Thought process goes like this: "Whew! That's one less level for me to do! And it's like the original World 1-1! I can say I'm being nostalgic! This engine MUST be good!"

News flash: It's not.
Pros + The engine works sometimes...
+ Some of the original music's in there...
+ It DOES take four levels to reach the built-in one.
Cons - It's still THE EXACT SAME BUILT-IN LEVEL. Sans rien, ni plus rien.
- MP3s in one level, MIDIs in another?
- It's the Hello SMB1 Engine.
- The levels are blandish and uninspired.
2 / 10
Would it kill somebody to make something a little bit more new? It's always the same. Mario with Mushrooms and Fire Flowers and Goombas and Koopas and Flagpoles. I want to see some exciting bosses or locales. Or some new gimmicks.

This game is the exact same thing you played all those years ago in 1986. Well, I lie. You get a boost if you hold the button down when jumping off enemies (go check; this was NOT in the original SMB) and there's a Poison Mushroom. And that's kind of it.

It is very, very clear that the "creator" of this game did not want to add anything to the Hello Engine, even though this would have been a good idea. They could have added a timer, for instance. Maybe a boss battle?

It could also have done them some good to get rid of something. Like, say, World 1-1 from the original SMB. Except in Hello's Engine.

It was made originally as a demo level, to portray each and every aspect of Hello's Engine. That's why it was there. As an EXAMPLE. Why do people feel the need to keep it in ad verbatim? Look, this game even keeps the Spinies and the Firebars! It's changed NOTHING!

All the other levels are very, VERY linear and very, VERY sparsely populated.

And let's not get into the glitches. I've written enough hatred about Hello's Engine to fill a book, I don't want to write any more about it.

Well, I did run into a silly glitch where if I get hit as Fire Mario and jump right after, I'd get launched up off-screen. And some of the usual "they're stuck in the ground ono" stuff.

I subscribe a heavy dosage of innovation, with a side dosage of creativity. I also want to cut the user off of Hello's Engine.
6 / 10
Super Mario All-Stars graphics. Yes, they fit together, and yes, they don't look horrible, and yes, they're not that overused yet. I'll give you some credit here.

Too bad I don't count Graphics in my averages!
3 / 10
Okay, for some odd reason the World 1-1 from SMAS is in here, as an MP3, in all its glory... and in other levels there's MIDIs? Is... there any really good reason for this? At all?

Bad sound mixing, tsk tsk.
1 / 10
Yeah, let's just say you're not going to be coming back to this game any time soon. It's bland, uninspired, glitchy, and just another example as to why "EVERYTHING IN ONE" engines should be completely eradicated from the face of MFGG.
Final Words
2 / 10
Another game made with Hello's horrible Super Mario Bros. 1 engine? Hooray!

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