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Game Reviewed Yoshi Gone MFGG, by DJ Yoshiman
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Jun 9 2015, 3:22 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
After going through a level, Yoshi and Baby Mario decided to rest for a while. However, they were somehow transported to a very dark room. The lights went on, and look, it's Cutman (from the EZBoard era) and his computer! Cutman's computer is sucking up Yoshi and Baby Mario, as Cutman needs a Yoshi and a Baby Mario for his lib.

If Yoshi and Baby Mario wants to escape, then they'll have to get through Cutman's lib. Though, they'll also have to get through all of the other libs.

The concept is interesting, but does the game work very well? Let's review, shall we?
Pros +Neat concept
Cons -Bugs
-Uninteresting level design
-Graphics clash almost everywhere
-A lot of missing sounds
-So many nonsense
2 / 10
The gameplay is just a total train wreck! You are controlling Yoshi, who can jump, run, eat, ground pound, and throw eggs. Yoshi seems a little unsmooth, but okay. The egg throwing system is just "meh", because first of all, you can't move while you are trying to throw an egg. Also, you can only throw one egg at a time. Yeah, it prevents a lot of eggs on the screen, but the eggs don't destroy themselves even if they are offscreen, which might leave you to being unable to throw an egg for a while. Also, sometimes Yoshi will refuse to throw an egg and sometimes he won't be able to move after throwing an egg, meaning that you'll have to restart the game. One more thing about egg throwing, you can move the cursor by using the arrow keys, and you can move it to anywhere. It's not really that much of a problem, but it would be better if the egg throwing works like in Yoshi's Island. Okay, now let's talk about the flutter jump. Oh wow, it's so "improved", because some time after using the flutter jump, Yoshi will pop up into the air a little, and you can flutter jump again, meaning that you flutter jump in about an endless height. This means you can skip almost through all of the hazards, by just flutter jumping. Now's let get into the subject of eating. The eating is just bad, because you can't move while licking, and Yoshi will sometimes lick the other way you are facing.

Well, that's all I can talk about Yoshi, so I'll talk about the level design. The level design is just bad, because usually the levels spams a lot enemies, and they can pose no threat to you, as you can just flutter jump over them. Then again, the levels are libs, and libs can't really damage your computer or anything like that.

Each level has two bosses, which I don't find them to be very great. Their patterns are mostly predictable, and their weakness can be usually hard to find (I bet nobody would think licking the Pokey boss would hurt it).

Well, the gameplay isn't very good. Concept is nice, but there are too many bugs and flaws.
1 / 10
Oh my gosh, no. The graphics clash badly almost everywhere, including every level, the intro cutscene, and every level intro. A couple backgrounds can be a little eye-hurting, and they usually look like they are just walls, as they usually don't transit well with the other background.

I have nothing really positive to say about the graphics, because they clash too much.
4 / 10
The music sounds good, and they fit a little. Though, I think the boss music might sound a little better as it sounds a little midi-y.

On the subject of sounds, there is a lot of missing ones. The only sounds I can hear so far are in the title screen and the defeated boss cutscenes. I guess the volume in Cutman's computer was set to zero.
1 / 10
Thanks to all of those bugs, I don't see a point of playing the game again. There are no collectables or anything like that, which doesn't help the replay value.
Final Words
2 / 10
This game is really broken, but I have seen worse.

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