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[DL] SMW Style burt from yoshi's island By: ApolosGamer
i think i'm learning
Downloads: 533
Added: 03/13/21
[DL] Tap-Tap SMW Style By: ApolosGamer
I have to admit that I don't know how to do smw-style things
Downloads: 486
Added: 03/12/21
[DL] Custom Biddybud Yoshi's Island Style By: ApolosGamer
I tried
Downloads: 476
Added: 02/22/21
[DL] Custom Snifit Yoshi's Island Style By: ApolosGamer
the face is from a beta sprite of yi
Downloads: 455
Added: 02/10/21
[DL] SMB2-SMAS Boomerang mario By: ApolosGamer
it was somewhat complicated but here it is
Downloads: 575
Added: 01/10/21
[DL] Yoshi's Island Custom Luigi more Others By: ApolosGamer
here other sprites, this time, yoshi's island style luigi
Downloads: 1050
Added: 01/07/21
[DL] Yoshi's Island Custom Mario By: ApolosGamer
maybe not good but i tried
Downloads: 1216
Added: 12/23/20
[DL] Smb2 smas - hammer mario By: ApolosGamer
Here I bring something that apparently no one has done, Mario with a hammer brother suit.
Downloads: 810
Added: 11/09/20
[DL] Goomba Custom 2/2 By: ApolosGamer
Here is the 2nd sheet of the goomba sprites, plus the crushed goomba sprite that you didn't add on the first sheet.
Downloads: 586
Added: 08/01/20
[DL] Custom Goomba 1/2 By: ApolosGamer
Give credits please
Downloads: 639
Added: 07/30/20
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