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[DL] SMB2 Modern NSMB Tileset By: FledCorn
Some were recreated from memory. Some may be very accurate, others may not.

Finishing this soon.
Downloads: 1132
Added: 12/22/20
[DL] SMB2 SML Enemies By: FledCorn
The world is a cruel place.

Will add the rest tomorrow.
Downloads: 1096
Added: 10/11/20
[DL] SMB2 Rotodisc By: FledCorn
Nuclear onion ring.

Give credit.
Downloads: 644
Added: 09/09/20
[DL] SMB2 Fighter Fly & Sidestepper By: FledCorn
Original sprites from Mario Bros. Advance. Because the sprites are about the same as SMB2's.
Downloads: 673
Added: 08/04/20
[DL] SMB2 Volcano Lotus By: FledCorn
Give credit.
Downloads: 711
Added: 08/02/20
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