Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mario Generations (Feedback Demo 2.5), by Ostrich101
Review Author Umj1123
Created Dec 23 2020, 4:25 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Its a nice game, The GFX's are cool with the look modern but still with the old feel somehow. There where a few bugs here and there but overall a good game
Pros Like I Said, The GFX's look Really good, Its simple to Navagate the menus And switch from old, to new mario!
Cons I could not change the controls and the default Ones are not fun to use (I use x as run and z as jump, a as spin jump) Just make it so you can change it
8 / 10
It felt a bit clunky at the start but when I got used to it, It was a fun time! Not much to say here
10 / 10
The Graphics are Great, The look pretty and modern as well as looking old at the same time!
5 / 10
The sound was... Ok but not much new
Final Words
8 / 10
Its a good game, I would Say give it a go if you like 2d Mario games! Overall a solid game :)

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