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Apr 3 2020, 8:52 PM

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I hope you guys enjoyed our April Fools joke! If you guys were wondering why it lasted 2 days instead of 1, well, some people enjoyed it so much that we decided to extend it by a day.

But yeah there are a few things I want to talk about here.

First of all, we've made a minor change to the submission rules.

"2.4.1 - Please try to ensure that your game is at least making an attempt to be an entertaining and productive contribution to the website. Games with little gameplay, lack of effort, or games made intentionally bad for the purpose of a joke are not allowed. When a game is bad on purpose, it's usually not fun for anyone, and your attempts at comedy will most likely come off as obnoxious."

What does this mean? Well, from this point onwards, we won't accept poor quality games, even if they are meant to be joke games. If the main joke of your game is that "it's bad" then maybe you should come up with a less overdone joke anyways.

This does NOT include games that have bad art, music, or controls, but have more going on than just "this game is bad lol funny". This is only for those Waligie type of games.

As for the other thing, it came to my attention that some people have been having some difficulty submitting stuff to the main site lately.

I think I figured out why.

The thumbnail for all submissions has to be 100x100. Don't make it more, don't make it less. For some reason, the site software doesn't throw out an error for that.

It's something I'll be looking into in the near future, but for now, here's your warning.

Anyways, that's all, keep making fangames I guess. And if you're not making fangames, I dunno, start making one!
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Apr 1 2020, 5:14 AM

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As you guys know for a while we have been thinking about rebranding the site. While I was discussing possible new names we could use with the rest of the staff I've realized that we all have this burning passion for Russia, this glorious country full of culture and history. So we have decided to rename the site into "Mario Fan Games Gulag" to reflect this passion we have. In addition, the site will be translated into Russian, because it's a much better language than English. I hope you guys understand.

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