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Game Reviewed GBWare, by FabianLC
Review Author Clobbah
Created Jun 2 2019, 1:34 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I was planning on waiting until the contest was over to review but, I just can't wait that long. People have to know how well made this is, and it looks like I'm gonna be the first one to tell them.
Pros -Smooth gameplay
-Great humor
-Art and sounds fit in very well
-Very very fun
-Good level of difficulty
Cons -Absolutely none
10 / 10
The gameplay is really really good. Everything feels tight and overall good to control. Each of the mini-games are great and are all very fun to play. I'd say which on was my favorite but you really need to experience it for yourself. It's that good.
10 / 10
The graphics all fit very well with the game's aesthetic, There are some that are ripped (like the head from Wario Land and the Mortal Kombat 2 sprites) while others are given the Game Boy color scheme. The dancing man sprite reminds me of the Game Boy Camera, too.
10 / 10
The sounds fit very well and can just be described as "Game Boy Goodness" for lack of a better term.
10 / 10
After you play it the first time, there is no chance that you won't come back to it unless you hate fun.
Final Words
10 / 10
GBWare should be given the title "King of the Wares". It's the perfect joke game and a great choice for people with nothing better to do. Download it now.

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