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[DL] SMW Big Cheep and Flupper By: ~CaMtEnDo~
Some SMW sprites based on beta assets- a dopey Big Cheep and a friendly Flupper.
Downloads: 1263
Added: 04/16/23
[DL] Various SMA4 Edits and Customs By: ~CaMtEnDo~
An assortment of sprites taken from an old hard drive and collected here- edited and custom enemies, objects, and miscellaneous stuff done in the Super Mario Advance 4 palette.
Downloads: 1979
Added: 04/16/23
[DL] Mario Arcade Classics (Player Character Rips and Touchups) By: ~CaMtEnDo~
Sprites of Mario, Luigi, Pauline, and Donkey Kong Jr., from the classic Mario arcade titles of yesteryear... or the NES ports of them, at least.
Downloads: 5699
Added: 04/23/13
[DL] Dr. Mario Prototype Rips By: ~CaMtEnDo~
Graphics ripped from the four available Dr. Mario prototype ROM's.
Downloads: 3121
Added: 03/12/13
[DL] SMA4 Custom Goombas By: ~CaMtEnDo~
Some custom Goombas in the Super Mario Advance 4 palette (with a bonus Galoomba edit).
Downloads: 4086
Added: 07/15/11
[DL] SMB3 Goomba Edits By: ~CaMtEnDo~
Various edits of the Super Mario Bros 3. Goomba.
Downloads: 5596
Added: 11/14/09
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