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Not funny didn’t laugh
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three times
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Quote (macron44 on May 24 2020, 10:14 PM)
Just give Hello more time with the 3d engine, then he will make more good games.

There’s almost a YEAR between Hello’s last two games and Super Crown Land and there’s surprisingly little change between them, I looked at Hello’s Q&A thing on his website and it suggests that Hello considers “improvement” to be new levels and gimmicks so, it might never be made into a good game
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This is an outdated review, I'll be making a new one soon
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As a 1st sheet, I might as well give some critique
1. The head kind of cuts off awkwardly on most of the frames. The best frames are probably the last 3 frames of the running turn and the last frame of the jump animation.

2. The forward/backward facing mario’s look weird. I’m not sure how to help with it as I don’t usually do turning sprites

3.Shading is pretty inconsistent , particularly with skin tones using grey shades and an orange outline and most things getting darker with the exeption of the gloves, which have cyan shading. I reccomend you look up how hue works in pixel art

4. I’d add a bit of a darker colour to the bottom of the hat’s brim so it looks more like there is a brim. The hat does look off on many occasions too

It’s a really good 1st sheet. It reminds me of the pixel art I’d do with Pixel Maker on my WiiU. I hope you take this advice to improve on your sprites.

P.S. Since you’re going to use this for a sprite animation, I recommend you make Mario more expressive (like with the M&L games). There is a reason those games are usually used for old flash animations and sprite comics
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TSR’s ones suck
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Hope this helps
May 18 2020, 4:46 PM See Page
8-4 in both versions has a water section (which is where this background is present)
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Quote (Luigifan1115 on May 18 2020, 1:42 PM)
Where are the original images? I know the riding sprite and that's it.

They can be seen in a behind the scenes video recorded around the development of SMB/TLL and was used as footage for a Q&A around the release of Mario Maker
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Quote (LycanSeijin on May 18 2020, 10:16 AM)
I love how all out they went for SMB1. They turned the Underworld into an abandoned mine shaft, they turned 8-3 into proper citadel walls, put smiling happy clouds in the backdrop of the Overworld, and then we have these aquatic ruins which raise an abundance of questions. Like: Was there once a race of mer-mushroom that went extinct? Or was this ancient city submerged by a great earthquake millennia ago?

Also think about the fact that it is below bowser’s castle why would an underwater ruin be doing there
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Seeing as SMB3 is the only allstars game that has good quality rips of it (well SMA4, to be precise), it’s nice to see one of the other 2 being ripped similarly
May 16 2020, 9:52 PM See Page
Cute concept
May 16 2020, 9:50 PM See Page
Looks better than some of my stuff when I was around 11 or 12 (when I first got into pixel art)
If anything, I feel mario’s head should be less long (it kind of looks like luigi) but other then that it’s a really great sheet
May 16 2020, 10:49 AM See Page
It’s a bootleg mobile game Quality piece of garbage. Every visible artefact on the stolen images, all the awful level design, the embarrassing character skins and the baffling music choices are a testament to the lack of a sh*t that Hello gave about this game. Only little children on youtube would say that this barebones asset flip is anyway good.
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I looked them up and it's apparently from The Lost Levels or something, according to TCRF
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Quote (LycanSeijin on Apr 30 2020, 7:06 PM)
I'm shocked at myself for not thinking of that. I'll definitely add those in my next update.

Also try to make the big and regular sprites look clsoer to each other. This is particularly noticeable with skin colour, since allstars SMB3 uses more orangey colours for the skin then SMW
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Quote (mariofan230 on Apr 27 2020, 9:08 PM)
It is alright. I would have thought these platforms would have much more customization and creativity than what you'd think.

Honestly I enjoy seeing more odd ideas for sheets, such as this one.
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Quote (SuperSledgeBro on Apr 25 2020, 7:57 PM)
Aren't these recolors of existing sprites? Didn't MFGG had a rule against submitting recolors?

Technically Yes and no. These are recolours for the most part, but organised to make a new sheet with a purpose (We already have other power-up sheets in the past like this so these should be ok)
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Quote (idkthisnamehow on Apr 24 2020, 8:57 PM)
Nice But I Wish Super Mario Maker 2 Update 3.0 Are Going To Add Koopalings New Bosses

English option?
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It’s too saturated for a shooter game
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