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Game Reviewed Wario and the Magic Map, by kjellm87
Review Author juhis
Created Sep 20 2010, 4:58 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
At first when I looked screenshot, I thought that would have been a average game, but instead, it's a solid platformer with some neat twists here and there.
Pros + Solid engine, with few or no glitches
+ Custom graphics
+ Good music selection
+ Clever use of fan-made characters
Cons - Some typos here and there
- Short, about 8 stages long, considering the filesize.
9 / 10
Just a standard Wario Land -type platformer, where you go around collecting coins, defeating enemies, and collecting pieces of medallion in order to access Morg Temple.

One thing that I like is the solid engine, which feels like a accomplishment for The Games Factory 2 game like this.

Rolling around, caught in the fire or bees, or just blowed around frozen solid, everything in this game is just top-notch.

One thing that I dislike that there is some spelling typos here and there, but you have to remember, the author of this game comes from Norway, so his english is not that perfect.
8 / 10
Not a professional-quality, but they fit the game very well.

Custom sprites are rarity in fan-games, but this makes them stand out.
9 / 10
I kinda like music selection and the sound effects, because they kinda fit the theme in this game.
7 / 10
Considering about this game's length, it is only 8 stages long, so you may become bored after when you played through second time.

More stages would have helped to increase replay value, but because it's that short, I gave 7/10.
Final Words
9 / 10
Even though it is fairly short, it is still worth your time to check this out.

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