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Game Reviewed Wario and the Magic Map, by kjellm87
Review Author WwwWario
Created Jul 20 2013, 10:58 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
When Kjellm87 made his first Wario Land fan game, I got this nostalgia feeling. A really great game. Then he came with this one a while ago, and it's fantastic. It's been a while since this game was released, and I've played it a lot, but I haven't made a preview before now.
Pros +Custom graphics
+Solid engine
+Good story, fits the "Wario style"
+Familiar Wario moves
+Great level design
+3 Save File slots
+Can chose between Hard and Normal
+Nostalgia feeling here, as well :3
Cons -The levels are a bit short
-When you beat enemies, it takes a second or so before you can start grabbing the coins that the enemy dropped
10 / 10
The story begins with Wario driving his car, when he sees this blue light flies by. He follows it to a cave, finds the Magic Map, and brings it home. A fairy appears out of the map, telling Wario to help her free from the Morges. She tells Wario that he will get 1 wish if he can help her and the kingdom, and how can Wario say "no" to that? Wario must now travel across the kingdom to find the pieces of a medallion.

The gameplay is great. Solid. I didn't find a single bug, and the level design is great. Even though the levels are a bit short, the puzzles will keep you playing. There's also a high-score at each level, so you can always try to beat your own score. The controls are easy to understand, and so is the concept of the game. The gameplay is interesting fun, and very solid, with our dear Wario in the main role.
9 / 10
Custom graphics all over. And they are all great! Using custom made graphics makes the game A LOT more interesting, since it becomes something original. The graphics, however, need to be good in order to enjoy custom made ones, but this game has no problem in topping our expectations.
10 / 10
A great choice of MIDI files, and great choice of sound effects, with Wario's voice sounds from Wario Land 4. Nothing more to say.
9 / 10
You can always try out Normal or Hard, depending on what you chose the first time you played it. After some time, I always need to play through this game again. This is worth a shot.
Final Words
10 / 10
Wario and the Magic Map combines custom graphics, a solid engine and interesting gameplay into a fantastic outcome!

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