Oct 22 2023, 7:31 PM See Page
Judging by the sprites' filenames, the second and third sprites are used in the levels, the fourth and fifth sprites are used in the overworld, and the first and sixth sprites are used in both.

Also, there are technically eight emotes - two of which are duplicates I excluded from the sheet.
Oct 14 2023, 2:27 PM See Page
Congratulations on becoming one of the new staff members!
Jun 26 2023, 2:30 AM See Page
Thanks for the update! Good to hear that you guys were able to get the server working again!
Mar 18 2023, 6:41 PM See Page
They're unused. Before Dragon Lair was scrapped, you threw them at the Cheese Dragon to hurt him.

I also forgot to add a note in the description that mentions that the sprites in question are unused. I'll send an update in just a bit.
Feb 5 2023, 1:21 AM See Page
Nope, icicles are one of the few New Super Mario Bros. U-themed objects that doesn't have any normal and/or specular maps.
Oct 3 2022, 8:16 PM See Page
It's actually the Microsoft logo, but I get what you mean.
Sep 24 2022, 8:53 PM See Page
Yeah. As the sheet's credits tag says, "give credit to Nintendo" and "credit to DogToon64 is optional, but would be nice". In other words, you don't have to ask me permission to use anything I ripped.
Sep 16 2022, 2:21 PM See Page
Just realized I missed an opportunity to make the Microsoft logo in the thumbnail...

Ah well, I did that with another submission anyways. LOL
Sep 3 2022, 10:00 PM See Page
Just looked it up and apparently they're actually called "fortresses". Guess I'd better change it, then.
Sep 2 2022, 11:21 PM See Page
Then again, considering that the game released barebones, it's possible that they were placeholders.

On the bright side, at least we have more Gold Mario artwork even though it's just recolored Metal Mario artwork...
Aug 27 2022, 4:50 PM See Page
Suffering? The sprites weren't even that hard to rip. LOL
Aug 5 2022, 12:03 AM See Page
Ok, good to know then!
Jul 31 2022, 1:42 PM See Page
Good to know Gigaleak submissions are allowed again!

By the way, does that also mean custom / edited submissions based off of sprites from said leak are also allowed now?
Jul 30 2022, 3:25 PM See Page
A couple answers to a couple questions that people might ask in the future:
Yes, I'm working on the Switch's buttons next, not sure when it'll be done though. And yes, I might do other gamepad button sprites in the future. Not sure what the next one will be yet.
Jul 26 2022, 5:44 PM See Page
Requoting what I said on the forums:
"I'm a bit late, but happy belated-21st birthday Mario Fan Games Galaxy!"