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SMM2 SMB2 Sprites (8-bit) By: mariofan230, Cruise elroy
Yet another SMM sheet, SMB2 in SMM2! Credit to Kirbypoyo567 for the banzai bill and to Dariuscox357/PixelMarioXP for the desert, snow and jungle base and Cruise elroy and J-T! Give credit if used and enjoy!
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Added: 09/15/19
New SMM2 backrounds & tilesets By: Evan.F [E] [W]
Contains Beach, Volcano, Mountain and Autumnal. Give credit if used and tell what I should do next
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Added: 09/15/19
Super Mario Bros 3-SMA4: Classic Castle an other objects By: Linkstorm Z
Based on the Castle tiles in SMA4 I adapted the design for the Castle, and other things, Skewer, Galoomba, LockDoor, Bumper, Bowser jr. (Recolor)
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Added: 09/15/19
SMM2 SML2 Part 1: Enemies (Almost) By: Alijah Roman [W]

Recently, I just had a idea! So I was just roaming around at the Spriters Resources, looking at SMM2 Sprites, so I just had an idea that I make a whole sprite sheet based on it variety (such as Backgrounds, Enemies, Mario,Luigi,Toad,Toadette ...
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Added: 09/14/19
Layer 3 Background Castle - Super Mario World By: Linkstorm Z
Ripped and Little Extended
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Added: 09/13/19
Swinging Claw (SML2) By: Alijah Roman [W]
Just don't steal it
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Added: 09/10/19
Fleapit Costumes and other scrapped Plok stuff. By: Misteryt1MFGG
I decided to submit this to see if Plok sprites are allowed (because sprites of other nintendo/nintendo related franchises are now allowed and Plok was only released on the SNES).
This sheet includes Robo Plok, Ninja Plok and Super Plok from Fleapit, ...
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Added: 09/08/19
SM16 goombas, goombrats and more By: Evan.F [E] [W]
The Goomba Sprites in Super Mario 16, complete with their spritesets.
Give credit if used

SM16 Main Page on the

Link to Mari0 AE
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Added: 09/07/19
DK Jr. series (classic) Bowsette Jr. full sheet By: Kazufox
From the Donkey Kong Jr. ROM hacks featuring Bowsette/Bowsette Jr. Here where Mario has been replaced with Toadette, all other enemies and items swapped. Includes some unused sprites.

Remember to give credit for use.
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Added: 09/06/19
Galoomba (recoloured, extended) By: Evan.F [E] [W]
Edits of the Galoomba and Goombud, complete with paragaloombas.
Give me your thoughts on this in the comments, and give credit.
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Added: 09/06/19
SMBSS Plumbers in SMAS SMB1 Style By: Misteryt1MFGG
It's been a year since I started making this sheet, but now it's finally done.
After I got some files from my old computer during August, I decided to work on this sheet again.
Includes sprites of the plumbers that had a few seconds ...
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Added: 09/06/19
CD-i Link Revamped By: EvilYoshiToes
The CD-i Zelda games are bad, but they have a cool art style. Too bad they made Link look so ugly! I edited his sprites to make him look more like the dashing hero we are used to.

Here is what I did: I gave him his white shirt and white tights, ...
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Added: 09/05/19
SMW New Princess Peach with New Clothes By: EvilYoshiToes
Princess Peach got some new clothes. I made this because I love historic garments and her official costume is really ugly. It's inspired by the fashion of Europe in the 1650's (around that time). There are two versions: one that follows the SMW ...
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Added: 09/04/19
SMM2 SMB1 SMAS BGs (Day) By: DryBones512, Valtteri
This is Part 2 of the SMM2 SMAS Backgrounds: SMB1 Day Backgrounds.
Like with the SMB3 ones, I ported some of the Backgronds directly from Super Mario All-Stars, while others, like the Forest (Except for the clouds and the SMB3 recolored Leaves) ...
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Added: 09/04/19
SMM 1&2 SMAS SMB2 Everything (Almost) v1.0 By: mariofan230, Redbird030, Cruise elroy, FanofSMBX
Hello again! This is SMB2 in 16-bit in SMM both 1 and 2! A few sprites are not included until Update 2.0! I would love to give a HUGE credit to Redbird030, FanofSMBX, Cruise elroy, and the rest Kirbypoyo and Jacob-turbo (Plus Dariuscox357 for the SMB2 ...
Downloads: 1000 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 09/02/19
SMM2 SMAS SMB3 Backgrounds (Day) By: DryBones512
These are some Super Mario All-Stars SMB3 backgrounds I edited to fit into SMM2.
Some of them, like the SMB3 Overworld Background were directly ripped from SMAS, while others are more or less custom, such as the "Pipe Forest".
A night ...
Downloads: 703 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 09/02/19
SMAS SMB3 Forest / Pipeland Tileset By: SuperSledgeBro
The forest theme from the SMB3 game style in Super Mario Maker 2... But in 16-bits! This sheet features the pipes terrain full with slopes, all 3 semi-solid platforms and decorational objects!
Downloads: 556 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 09/02/19
SMB1 styled Princesses (+ Toadette) By: Evan.F [E] [W]
SMB1 Style versions of Daisy and Rosalina, paying attention to the limitations (although the palette is not accurate) Give credit if used.
Downloads: 536 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 08/31/19
SMB3 NES Transformed Kings in 16-Bits By: SuperSledgeBro
The transformed kings from the NES version in SMAS style! I realized just recoloring the original sprites wouldn't make them fit in the All-Stars SMB3 style well enough, and since many sprites in SMB3 suffered heavier modifications than just recolors ...
Downloads: 503 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 08/29/19
SMM2 NSMBU Seesaw Platform By: DryBones512
SMM2 NSMBU Seesaw Platform in SMW style: This is the first new sprite in SMM2 that I remade in the SMW style.
Everything with a light blue BG color uses the SNES SMW Palette, while everything with a purple BG color uses a custom palette based on ...
Downloads: 587 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 08/28/19
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