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Mega Man (Mystery Mushroom, Extended) By: BullyWithAHat Sprite Sheets - Edited
Hey everyone, I'm here with my first spritesheet of the New Year! This time, I'm extending some sprites that make Rockman look like a pebble! There are Shooting, Throwing, Super Arm, Wild Coil, Hard Knuckle, and even Break Dash sprites!
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Added: 01/13/21
SMB1 Hiyoihoi - Dream Recreation By: Mariofan230 Sprite Sheets - Original
Had this dream where I found a 3DS that displayed a SMB1 themed wallpaper. It was featuring a group of some already existing SMB1 sprites and a new Hiyoihoi sprite. So I decided to recreate the sprite as I could only remember the body. He was depicted ...
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Added: 01/13/21
SMB2-SMAS Boomerang mario By: ApolosGamer Sprite Sheets - Edited
it was somewhat complicated but here it is
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Added: 01/10/21
Custom Mario Brothers Plumbing Van (Live Action SMB Movie) By: DrZuplow Sprite Sheets - Original
I bet that you would've never expected anyone to make a sprite sheet of this!

Also, that's not a Koopa in the thumbnail, that's a Shellcreeper.
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Added: 01/10/21
Sinopolis Mawboi's Goomba and Galoomba By: Sinopolis Mawboi Sprite Sheets - Original
One day, I made a good looking Goomba sprite. Then a Galoomba. Then this sheet. That is all you need to know.
Once again, credit me if used.
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Added: 01/10/21
Yoshi's Island Custom Luigi more Others By: ApolosGamer Sprite Sheets - Edited
here other sprites, this time, yoshi's island style luigi
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Added: 01/07/21
SMW-Styled SMB3 Overworld Tileset By: MegaToon1234 Tilesets - Edited
I made this SMB3 Overworld tileset in the style of Super Mario World because I saw that in Super Mario Construct, there were SMW-styled SMB1 tilesets, so then I figured, why not make a SMW-styled SMB3 tileset? So that is why I did just that!
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Added: 01/05/21
Custom Among Us Spritesheet By: Nickstar Sprite Sheets - Original
Hi Guys! I am Nickstar64 and this is mi first submission but not is mi first creation
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Added: 01/03/21
Mini Toad (SMW Style) By: JosueCr4ft, GlacialSiren484 Sprite Sheets - Edited
Super Little Mini Toad in SMW.
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Added: 12/31/20
Larry as Player (SMW Style) By: JosueCr4ft Sprite Sheets - Original
My favorite koopaling is larry but there are few mario games where it is playable, so I made this to make it playable in SMW.
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Added: 12/29/20
Sinopolis Mawboi's Pipes (Newer Edition) By: Sinopolis Mawboi Tilesets - Original
That's right, I remade the pipe tileset I submitted early this year. Free to use in your fangames as always.
Once again, please credit me if used!
Downloads: 376 Comments: 1 [NEW]  
Added: 12/24/20
DrZuplow's Custom Mario (2020 Edition) By: DrZuplow Sprite Sheets - Original
The first of many custom Mario sprites I will be making is of course, Mario.
Though this isn't any normal Mario, this is actually based off the SMBSS Live Action Mario.

Sadly, he can't Do The Mario (yet).
Downloads: 653 Comments: 4 [NEW]  
Added: 12/23/20
Yoshi's Island Custom Mario By: ApolosGamer Sprite Sheets - Edited
maybe not good but i tried
Downloads: 731 Comments: 0  
Added: 12/23/20
SMB2 Modern NSMB Tileset By: FledCorn Tilesets - Edited
Some were recreated from memory. Some may be very accurate, others may not.

Finishing this soon.
Downloads: 663 Comments: 0  
Added: 12/22/20
Wario Land 2 Enhanced Enemies By: Plastiware Sprite Sheets - Edited
Several enemies from Wario Land 2 -- specifically, all the ones that either have official artwork or appear in the matching minigame -- touched up, recolored, and shaded to give them a 16-bit appearance. Enemies with official artwork have been modified ...
Downloads: 376 Comments: 0  
Added: 12/20/20
SMM2 SMW Super Sheet Part 1: SMW Power Ups By: GlacialSiren484, MauricioN64, SubPixuru, AwesomeZack, Jamestendo Sprite Sheets - Edited
What's this? Another excuse to delay SMB3 Toadette? How wonderful!

Anyway, this sheet won't be like SMB3 sheets where it only limits to the power ups in that game it'll actually be more of a remake and continuation of AwesomeZack's ...
Downloads: 706 Comments: 8 [NEW]  
Added: 12/20/20
8-bit SMB3 Savanna Tileset By: SuperSledgeBro Tilesets - Original
An original level tileset for SMB3 based on the african savanna. The sheet contains tiles for the level terrain, tree bark blocks, totems, bones, palm trees, and painted wall semisolids.
Downloads: 627 Comments: 9 [NEW]  
Added: 12/18/20
My custom HD enemy sprite sheet By: Mr.Pink Teddy Sprite Sheets - Edited
This style is synthesized by SMB3, SMW2 and NSMB. I originally made this sprite sheet because I wanted to use it in my animation. The style of sprite sheet is biased. For (Super Mario 2D Unimaker), (Super Mario 2D Universe X), then it applies to Super ...
Downloads: 846 Comments: 2 [NEW]  
Added: 12/18/20
Rock Underground Tileset 2020 By: durian74 Tilesets - Original
Enjoy :) (for smbx or other)
Downloads: 365 Comments: 6 [NEW]  
Added: 12/13/20
SMM2 Toad & Toadette in the SMW Ending Card By: GlacialSiren484 Sprite Sheets - Edited
I'm pretty sure these are the only sprites/poses for SMW as a whole not done for Toad and Toadette.

Don't worry I didn't forget about SMB3 Toadette (This is like the 3rd or 4th time I have said this), I just started on her small ...
Downloads: 692 Comments: 13 [NEW]  
Added: 12/12/20
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